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Body Health Care Package

4 Health Balancing Courses

1 Portable Massage Table (Zendu Wave)

1 LT Massage Oil

The Duration of the packages

The good news with Balancingtouch is that there is no cut off time for you complete the packages we have on offer. 

The STARTER COURSE PACKAGE consists of 5 singular courses that take 4-8 weeks (Full time week day classes) or 2-3 Months (Part time weekend classes)

The MASSAGE SPECIALIST PACKAGE consists of 9 Singular courses that take 6-10 weeks (Full time week day classes) or 3-5 Months (Part time weekend classes)

We are pretty flexible when it comes to accommodating your schedule and we will strive to work with you. The course dates may be dependant on our schedules and current booking and we will book and secure your space once you have chosen.

Your spaces for your package will be guaranteed and your equipment will be ordered as soon as you have completed the enrolment process. 

If you have any queries or would like some guidance, please feel free to email us. Our friendly and professional staff are waiting to help you.

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Massage Specialist Package

8 Top Quality Course

1 Portable massage Bed (Zendu wave)

2 LT Massage oil

Starter Course Package

5 Top Quality Course

1 Portable massage Bed (Zendu wave)

1 LT Massage oil

Welcome to the Balancingtouch Specials page

​All of the specials that we have on offer are  student centred and are carefully thought out from a perspective of what is in demand.

All of our specials and Packages offer a better once off rate that doesn't discount away from our quality and will give you the Greatest Value and Satisfaction you can get in a Learning institution of this kind.

At the end of your package with us, we will always have our door open to free refresher classes for you and we certainly look forward to celebrating your success in being a leader in this field through us.  

Our Specials (Greater Value, better rates)


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