Thank you Devin de Kock, I am so Pleased to know where to study even further now... Wouldn't go anywhere else. You and the students in the class lifted my spirits.... Thank you!!

Janique Sharman

About Balancingtouch

Balancingtouch Massage and Reflexology Training Institute is committed to helping individuals achieve their dreams with giving them the

highest industry standards of Massage and Touch Therapies the world has to offer. 

The institution gives therapists a solid foundation, laid in honesty, integrity, morality and heart centred focus and give every student the highest quality training to ensure correct and accurate Education and Knowledge is being delivered for true success in professional touch therapies.

Balancingtouch does not take any student for granted.  They honour and respect  the commitment  that the individual has made to their future 

and the selfless commitment they have made to try and bring peace, joy, relief and comfort to others.
Balancingtouch will always honour and reciprocate that same level of commitment to the Individual, their future and dreams and give them 
the guidance and skills to achieve their goals with passion and conviction 

​Balancingtouch is a professional and reputable training institution that is an Internationally Registered and Accredited School

and is Nationally accredited by ETDP-SETA to train you correctly and to the right standards, as an independent 

training provider of the highest quality Wellness industry courses.

Balancingtouch doesn't just claim to be leaders, They lead by example and proven their worth by growing the wellness industry with every professional they have  produced.

The Balancingtouch Institute Acknowledges and owes much of its success to its students. Their students are satisfied because of their ability to satisfy the needs of clients. It is because of what the individuals that studied with them have taken from Balancingtouch and made their own that has made them successful.

Balancingtouch is an Institution because they have always been an institution, They do not need to make false claims, bad mouth other schools, or pretend to be an institute.  As an Institution,  They have the deepest respect for Our industry and its professionals and defend the ethics and standards of true Massage Therapy and Natural Healing , They Oath to always honour, protect and respect the sacredness of  body and the personal boundaries of each individual.   

An institution such as Balancingtouch is where you will be accepted, respected and a part of professional family where you will always be safe and in good hands, a place that you can be proud to be a part of and that will always give you the right guidance, a place that will ensure that you are on the right path for your success and the growth of the wellness industry as a whole. 

Balancingtouch has guaranteed a growing industry by ensuring that Practitioners that study at Balancingtouch, carry the right skills and standards that promise satisfied customers, deliver proper results, and surpass what is currently being taught in South Africa.

They have been fortunate enough to have retrained many therapists that qualified elsewhere but were unfortunately struggling with lesser skills and inferior knowledge that is being taught by other providers. Balancingtouch do this so that All Therapists can also become successful members of the international massage and wellness community and add to this Growing Industry. They have earned international Accreditation, Gain proper respect and credibility and know what true success is.


Student Testimonials

Thank YOU Balancingtouch for offering such amazing courses and wonderful teachings. Going above and beyond ..... Thank you for having such great customer service and when dealing with you in person or via email, to always be welcomed with professionalism, smiles, friendliness and excitement about the courses... my experience has been just simply exceptional.. ! 

Jo-Anne Williams (Facebook comment)

Devin, and his team at BT make you feel right at home.  Even timid, quiet students come out their shells, and interact fully in the classes, and during breaks. I feel that this is because you realise you’re in a safe space, with like-minded individuals. Devin and Kyle encourage students to ask questions, and are always on hand to guide, and lead during the practical work. 
My initial enquiries were made from abroad, and Devin was very patient in answering all my questions, making special arrangements for my equipment to be collected, etc.

My affiliation to BT didn’t end when I got my certificate. The team is always available if you have questions about a treatment plan, want a chat, or some business advice. I’ve had clients choose me, over others, as their therapist, because I was trained at BT.  

After two years, my business is going from strength to strength, and I believe a part of that success is due to my affiliation / training from Balancingtouch. I can highly recommend them for any massage training.

                Chris de Beer  -2019-