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Balancingtouch Started off as a Massage service provider in 2002 offering multiple treatments to private clients, Spa's and businesses. Because of their expertise and brilliant reputation, they were frequently contracted to teach their popular massage techniques at various establishments and schools.

It was only in 2012 that Balancingtouch established itself as an Education Provider in SA after years of experience in global Standards in therapies and the Therapy Education sectors.

Today Balancingtouch Is the leading Massage therapy School with the highest standards in Therapy education that is both Nationally and Internationally recognised with full International Accreditation and registration. They have uplifted and grown the massage profession and its credibility in South Africa with each individual that learns massage through them.

Never before have Massage therapists done so well until Balancingtouch passed on their wisdom and approach.


Thank you Devin de Kock, I am so Pleased to know where to study even further now... Wouldn't go anywhere else. You and the students in the class lifted my spirits.... Thank you!!

Janique Sharman

With you Balancingtouch Qualifications and Certificates you know that you can work and see clients with complete peace of mind.

In a country where there are frauds, fake authorities and made up accreditation bodies and memberships, and bossy associations,

You will feel confident and proud to be part of an education institution that is correct, in alignment, endorsed, accredited and  governed by the highest international Authorities of our industry to support you and what you do.

Everything you do at Balancingtouch is recognised both Nationally and Internationally.

We teach every course with full SAQA / SETA-ETDP Accreditation, All our courses Hold Valid SAQA Unit standards and codes.

Your Courses and Qualifications at Balancingtouch are internationally Registered and Accredited and you can become

internationally Registered on the Guild of Holistic therapists as a Massage therapist and as a Reflexologist.

Some institutes believe it is alright to have a lecturer that has just finished studying. This is so wrong.

How successful do you think you will be learning from a person that has not mastered this wisdom.

Balancingtouch Students rapidly succeed and become fully booked up because their lecturer made a huge success as a therapist and teach from experience and wisdom, not just from a book.

The Lecturers here hold the highest levels of teaching Qualifications  you will find in therapy education, are masters in their subjects with up to 18 years therapy experience with a passion to help and guide you to the highest level of success.  

The massage profession in SA has truly changed for the better due to what Balancingtouch delivers. Not only do they bring  Accredited  Knowledge that is up to date, accurate and applicable, but they also bring the right approach that is sadly missed by other education providers. The elements of Intuition, Integrity and mindful intention to do good and work with others is what makes all the difference. 

Balancingtouch carefully guides each individual through all of these areas to ensure that the therapist attains this great success and clients get what they need on all levels.

The levels of Passion, Professionalism, Honesty and Sincerity coupled with greatest skills in touch therapy found at Balancingtouch is undeniably felt through each person who trained and Qualified at Balancingtouch. And this is what clients choose and look for in massage.

Student Testimonials


32 Qualifications

18 years exp

Associate Member of the International Guild Of therapy lecturers.

Thank YOU Balancingtouch for offering such amazing courses and wonderful teachings. Going above and beyond ..... Thank you for having such great customer service and when dealing with you in person or via email, to always be welcomed with professionalism, smiles, friendliness and excitement about the courses... my experience has been just simply exceptional.. ! 

Jo-Anne Williams (Facebook comment)



15 Qualifications

5 years exp

Int Lecturer

Spa Owner, International Therapist/Movement coach


18 Qualifications

7 years exp

City&Guild Accredited Assessor. Int Lecturer

Therapy/Spa managment


Devin, and his team at BT make you feel right at home.  Even timid, quiet students come out their shells, and interact fully in the classes, and during breaks. I feel that this is because you realise you’re in a safe space, with like-minded individuals. Devin and Kyle encourage students to ask questions, and are always on hand to guide, and lead during the practical work. 
My initial enquiries were made from abroad, and Devin was very patient in answering all my questions, making special arrangements for my equipment to be collected, etc.

My affiliation to BT didn’t end when I got my certificate. The team is always available if you have questions about a treatment plan, want a chat, or some business advice. I’ve had clients choose me, over others, as their therapist, because I was trained at BT.  

After two years, my business is going from strength to strength, and I believe a part of that success is due to my affiliation / training from Balancingtouch. I can highly recommend them for any massage training. 


                Chris de Beer  -2019-