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We are equipping our practitioner with proven holistic methods to truly restore balance within their clients with powerful result.

Thank you Devin de Kock, I am so Pleased to know where to study even further now... Wouldn't go anywhere else. You and the students in the class lifted my spirits.... Thank you!!

Janique Sharman

About Us

​Balancingtouch is a professional and reputable training institution that is fully accredited by ETDP-SETA to train you correctly and to the right standards, as an independent training provider of the highest quality Wellness industry courses.

We give you the Widest range of relevant  courses in South Africa and deliver quality standards of courses where you cannot find anywhere else.

We don't just claim to be leaders, we lead by example and prove our worth by growing the wellness industry with every professional we produce.

The Balancingtouch Institute owes its success to its students. Our students are satisfied because of their ability to satisfy the needs of clients. It is because of what they have taken from Balancingtouch and made their own that has made them successful.

We are an Institution because we have always been an institution, We are not a converted hobby class academy that just wants your enrolment.

An institution is where you will be accepted, respected and a part of professional family where you are always safe and in good hands, a place that you can be proud to be a part of and that will always give you the right guidance, a place that will ensure that you are on the right path for your success and the growth of the wellness industry as a whole. 

We guarantee a growing industry by ensuring that our Practitioners that study at Balancingtouch, carry the right skills and standards that promise satisfied customers, deliver proper results, and surpass what is currently being taught in South Africa.

We have been fortunate enough to have retrained many therapists that qualified elsewhere but were unfortunately struggling with lesser skills and inferior knowledge that is being taught by other providers. We do this so that they can also become successful members of the international massage and wellness community and add to this Growing Industry.

Student Testimonials


"We do not believe it is right to give you a false sense of security to  draw you in with Fake Associations and Fictitious testimonials without a picture of a real person. "  

 Devin de Kock (Founder and Principal)

Thank YOU Balancingtouch for offering such amazing courses and wonderful teachings. Going above and beyond ..... Thank you for having such great customer service and when dealing with you in person or via email, to always be welcomed with professionalism, smiles, friendliness and excitement about the courses... my experience has been just simply exceptional.. ! 

Jo-Anne Williams (Facebook comment)

We live in a world where you have to do your research. Places like google can give ratings and reviews,

Facebook can give you contact to people who have been with us. Instant messaging can give you the privacy of getting true feedback from our students that will help you make the correct decision to become a part of the Balancingtouch Institute.

Please visit our page to speak to any of our post graduates on 

Also please visit a school before enrolling. Come and see our premises with prior arrangement before making a hasty decision

We are also working with and training our students to work with Chiropractors to assist the good work they do.

What We are Doing

As Balancingtouch continues to set the right standards in our industry, Popularity and awareness is growing in many areas of society. This awareness has been natural and organically driven. It is because of what we and our students are delivering that has brought this steady growth away from the mediocrity of what is currently being delivered elsewhere.

We are humbled daily to see what the correct approach to the industry and to our students can deliver in the long run. The opportunities that have been brought to fellow practitioners and us through true and valued standards is humbling. 

This year we are meeting the demand of people and other industries and are continuing to grow the opportunities for reputable massage practitioners so that we as therapists can bring true value to the people that need the benefits that we skillfully deliver.