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Balancingtouch is an accredited & registered school of therapies. The Principal/Head Lecturer is proud to have full accreditation and endorsement by the Education, Training and Development Practices Sector (ETDP-SETA) to professionally facilitate all of the courses offered through Balancingtouch.

The quality and precision of the education you receive is guaranteed, by adhering to the (SAQA UNIT STANDARD CODE (117871 ). Our lecturers hold specialized accreditation specifically for training you in international Massage Therapy.  They are registered & accredited Reflexology/ Massage

Practitioners as well as proud members of The Guild Of Therapy Lectures (International) adding greater value to our students' education.

We are the only skills development practice available in South Africa where therapists can expand their knowledge, gain the necessary vocational skills, International Qualifications, and cutting edge/ innovative therapy courses that enable you to become highly successful in the field of touch therapy & the spa industry worldwide and in SA.

We are a professional and reputable training institution with the highest quality in Natural & Holistic treatments.  All our workshops, courses, and training programs hold elements of higher International NVQs and international codes from leading authorities worldwide. 

Each of our issued certificates indicates the unit standard identification number where these elements are sourced,  making them valid and relevant to the massage therapy skills required by this industry at large. Once registered and enrolled Balancingtouch Students can earn their INTERNATIONAL CPD points in higher levels of international therapies.

Balancingtouch works with many of the SETA Bodies as an independent Education Provider. Our modules use only the most relevant South African Unit Standards available to ensure that you, as a practitioner are operating within the boundaries of the law & within legal requirements. Our focus is to ensure

that you work in alignment with the fully developed international industry, within the scope of practice and specific outcomes that all fall within

Natural Healing & Holistic Medical Practice. This extends beyond South African unit standards and that of the NQF Levels. Using international standards

of practice with unit standards from other countries ensures that you are working beyond 3rd world standards. Certain countries may

require you to do a bridging course or assessment in health and safety with our qualifications to ensure that you are working in conjunction with their country's Health and Safety legislation.


Balancingtouch is an accredited training institution and is recognized by the  Guild of Holistic Therapies.  We are also registered internationally with the Guild of therapy Lecturers, the Guild Of Holistic Therapists & the Guild Training International.  This makes the Guild, the largest accreditation body in our industry Internationally.  Having this accreditation means that once you are qualified with us, you can become registered with the Guild Of Holistic Therapists and may use the title of Internationally Registered Reflexologist, Registered Massage Practitioner. 

Should you decide to work abroad, you will automatically qualify for insurance & professional indemnity. Qualifications of this nature may even assist in immigrations to countries associated with the United Kingdom. Our qualifications have been known to greatly increase the possibility of employment abroad, cruise ship jobs, and other international therapy opportunities.

Over and above the official accreditation, what makes use the best for a provider in education; is the use of both national and international frameworks of unit standards.  This required by international bodies to practice massage. These codes act as proof to anyone, that you have been trained to the highest international standards by an institute that has been legally endorsed & accredited to do so. 

Due to our advancements and in-depth research conducted; new improved courses have been developed. We are continuously working with our accreditation bodies & industry regulators to have more courses registered and accredited internationally.


Our assessors who ensure your work is delivered at an international level are fully qualified to do so. This adds true understanding and the correct insight while developing your skills to grow the industry. The assessment standards we use to guarantee that our students excel and always exceed expectations.



Students from Balancingtouch  & Certified Practitioners that studied through us DO NOT need to become a member of the Allied Health Council.  It is not a law to be registered or affiliated with them.  Our qualified practitioners will not be fined, face legal action, or be convicted for practicing touch therapies.

Our qualifications & certifications are not governed by the Medical field, they do not offer Practice numbers or are limited to South African NQF

Levels. Although our international courses are similar to what is attainable through the Allied Health schools, they are not the same.

We use international unit standards that have not yet been developed in South Africa. Our focus is on service quality in the Natural & Holistic

Health Sector, emphasizing the deeper emotional factors that influence health. The students who study through us and have qualified have the legal and international title of Reflexology Practitioner or Remedial Massage Practitioner and are legally allowed to practice what they have learned.

However, all students from Balancingtouch may not refer to themselves as medical experts or fill the place of medical intervention.

Our practitioners may NOT use the title of Therapeutic Reflexologist or Therapeutic Massage Therapist as these titles belong to & can only be assigned to those who studied full time through the Allied health schools. Only they may hold the Therapeutic, as they are controlled and regulated by the Medical Industry.

So when it comes to titles and what you call yourself when qualified is a Practitioner. If you chose to be registered with our accreditation body, you can become a member and own the title of Internationally Registered Reflexologist and Registered Massage Therapist, even though you have not earned any South African NQF points, our International CPD & GTI points are given to those registered with the international board, and who have successfully completed their online modules. 

We advise all therapists out there to always ensure that your certification from your college or academy holds elements of a unit standard,

or has some form of accreditation stating that the courses you completed were taught by an endorsed by an entity.

Please beware of institutions that operate illegally with fabricated accreditations & practitioners /organizations & memberships.

The last thing you want is to invest all your time and money into something that turned out fake.