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 Therapist Hygiene Protocols

What is a Communicable Disease?

Communicable Diseases are spread through contact and viral particles that are left on surfaces where they can infect a host should the host touch that surface.

temperature/fever that often burns out the virus creates sweat where the virus may be present often making the host more contagious. should someone have contact with the host at this point a new host is infected. Most viruses are spread via bodily fluids such as saliva, mucous and other fluids, usually distributed through touching and non-precautionary hygiene practices.

What is a Virus?

A virus is either a RNA positive or negative particle (DNA) that seeks to inhabit a living host where it can infiltrait the living organism and replicate itself. The Covid-19 in particular is a RNA+ which means that when it enters a cell it caused it implode as it begins to replicate and consume other cells. This particular organism attacks the cells in the respiratory system, the lungs mainly. The only way this virus can continue to thrive is if it has more hosts to take over, hence why isolation is important,after a couple days the virus will eventually die if it is not passed on. However, much like the HIV/AIDS virus, you don't die from covid-19, but rather from the underlying condition. i.e pneumonia.

With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) mutated SARS MERS strain, makes this guy the rebel without a cause. even more dangerous because it is a virus that doesn't act the same way the others did. It doesn't present itself as dangerous, symptoms are no worse than the average flu with a little fever and most people don't know they have COVID-19

In 3 days the COVID-19 strain usually disappears because of our immunity but if it doesn't, it targets the respiratory system, causing a subtle cough  or bronchitis symptoms. 

at this point coronavirus has targeted the lower lungs where the  attacks the pleural cavities like pneumonia , inhibiting the co2 /o2 exchange in the pulmonary system resulting in respiratory failure at its worst.

But it is because of its rapid spread that is able to over burden all medical systems in a shorter time frame that has all countries in an emergency state.

Even though, very few get to the fatal stage (less than regular/annual Influenza), the reality is that the specialised equipment needed to treat those who are in the worst state are not readily available and if there was an influx of patients in a sudden surge, many would not get the treatment needed due to lack of equipment and specialised staff.  Those with pre-existing conditions, especially of a compromised immunity or respiratory nature are prone to fatal symptoms .

COVID 19  is also thought to be communicable from animal to human though pests as well as through touch or possibly food touched by pests could contaminate a host.

Furthermore, it is known to spread indirectly without an infected person being around. meaning that if some touches a surface, i.e: money, door handle, hand rail, card machine, ect;  the virus stays alive for up to 10 days on the surface (ANY SURFACE) even if washed or wiped with water it can survive, if a person touches that surface, the infection is spread.

If this person touches their eyes, nose, or mouth, they are  infected, but wont know usually until 10 14 days later. at this point the virus has been spread through them for the past 2 weeks. This is not to be underestimated and it must be  treated with extreme precautions.

1. Wash hands to upper arms 2-3 times per treatment for 20 seconds PLUS and still apply sanitizer (in Client View)

2. Sterilize the pens, clipboards, massage plinth (EVEN LEGS AND ATTACHMENTS ) with fresh linen each client
3.Never reuse a towel. place towels inside a plastic bag and hat wash ASAP (Don`t let used towels touch anything)
4. Communicate with clients regularly to check for symptoms of COVID-19. If present Reschedule them and no charge
5. If a client has been in contact with someone with Symptoms, reschedule them. call them prior to appointment to confirm. 
6. do not greet client by shaking hands during pandemic, bow gently and check with them before opening.
7. Always perform consultation with additional question to avoid infection and reassure their safety.
8. Have a notice board with a hygiene chart or bullet point steps you are using to keep your practice safe
9. Display the hand sanitizer encourage each client to sterilize their hands on entry  and exit.
10. Avoid touching your face at any time, especially in session  as  Coronavirus is contracted this way.
11. If you are ill, do not work at all. wait a minimum of 10 days prior to working on a client.
12. Do posts on social media accounts about your protocols and safety of your practice.
13. Take multi-vitamins, anti-viral`s, plenty of vitamin C, Zinc and drink water but try and get 7 hrs of sleep daily.
14. Remember to keep calm. your clients wont be put off by this approach, they will actually feel safer to see you

15. avoid all Anti-inflammatory drugs as they support and strengthen the virus strain

16. If you are feeling unwell, especially if you have a new cough or shortness of breath. isolate yourself and heal

17. Always ensure that you have disposable rubber gloves and a face mask in case you need to clean up contamination

18. have additional to your notice board, have a printed germ prevention poster in clear sight at your entrance 

19. keep a minimum of 6 foot away from any potentially infected people, even family

20. Remind your clients and yourself that  the severity of your procedures are only for the virus and for absolute safety .

when asking a client over the phone or in person, remember that you are doing this to ensure the client is safe and that you are safe.

the client will understand if they miss an  appointment as it may not be because of coronavirus  but even just precautionary.

If the client looks offended by being asked, explain to them that it is the best way to protect them, especially if they come across the infected  

with a weakened immunity.

Also highlight to each client that these strict precautions that you are taking ensure that you can still see them and help them in this time. and they can be safe.