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Forward thinking Medical professionals are starting to see that a singular mechanical/medical approach, although necessary at times, is Not the only answer to health issues and often causes more issues in time.

Human beings are multi-faceted with many different levels that must be acknowledged. 

Research has proven that the cause of dis-ease and illness or the inability to heal, is often rooted in emotional, vibrational, subconscious, energetic and the belief system levels of a person and must be addressed by bespoke, holistic approaches and Not by medication alone.

This package is specifically designed to give you the correct approach to holistic healing and will give you the skills to facilitate healing on these levels.

The aim is not to discourage medicine, but to address areas that are often ignored 


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This Beautiful Internationally accredited massage course gives you the highest quality foundation massage certificate is South Africa, and teaches how to professionally bring about true relaxation. You will gain the skill to bring balancing and healing on all systems of the body. In this course, your insightful lecturer will delve deep into the holistic approach and how our intentions create effects that bring healing on other levels, you will have all the knowledge and wisdom and insight needed to exceed your clients expectations and assist deeper healing.

This Masterfully formulated Reflexology course that is Also internationally Accredited and registered surpasses national levels. These tried and tested, proven reflexology techniques and formulas are systematically applied on the feet that focuses on anatomy, physiology and pathology through the nervous system to balance, correct and recognise possible health issues. what gives you more weight in your skills and approach is the powerful insight into the emotional attachment to dis-ease. giving you the tool to facilitate true healing in your client.


Using highly specialised massage strokes and techniques and scientifically proven natural movements to cleanse the body's detoxification system, to boost your clients immune system and to rapidly speed up weight loss and eliminate toxins and excess fluids. The treatment is known assist in the recovery of cancer treatment and is  often  recommended by Doctors. The caring touch of the intuitive practitioner will also facilitate the detoxification of the emotional systems as the lymphatic system and its dis-eases are strongly linked to the ability to forgive and release the old as this is a strong point covered in depth in your course at Balancingtouch.

PACKAGE  cost - R 11,900.00
Value of Courses and equipment (R 15,450) You save R 3,550.00

Spaces are limited due to shortage of Massage Tables in South Africa and also Limited Classroom Space

Please enquire before booking to ensure there is availability.

This incredible package Includes the following:
-Free Zendu Massage table 
-1 litre cleansing Massage oil
-All manuals
-All kits and equipment 
-All assessments




(International registration fee is excluded, and is only applicable if you want to become a member of the international board)