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Recognition Of Prior Learning (For Advanced Courses)

1. A career change! knew they needed complete change for health, peace & fulfilment 

2. Second Income! to clear debt, more financial freedom,a better life

3. Needed a solid back up plan! threat of retrenchment, low job security​

4. To secure work and Jobs Abroad!  to immigrate, travel, and earn anywhere

5. Always felt the need or pull! and finally found the right place to learn

6. To start their Own successful Business! for true security and Peace of Mind

7. Saw the NEED for massage and Opportunity! in their sport, their area and in society

8. Were let down by other institutions! Found the courage to do it the right way this time

9. To find Balance, Peace, & Harmony and Connect with others! to feel the joy of life again

10. to gain freedom and time! to have time with family, earn well and help fellow people

-survey conducted from 2013-2018 at balancingtouch-


39 Therapists that joined us in 2018 had created their own successful businesses before 2019.

15 Balancingtouch Qualified therapists are earning over the R 32,000 per month mark 

7 Therapists that studied through us Immigrated in 2018 with work secured abroad

17 New Massage Practitioners that we Qualified in 2018 were able to leave the job they hated and earn more doing what they love as Massage Professionals.

22 of our students in 2018 said that they saw their true calling here and have found their peace.

19 Individuals Re did their Massage Qualifications through Balancingtouch after being horribly disappointed by other schools and institutes.  OR Call 0127722227  to Enrol for 2019

Immigration & Work Abroad

Balancingtouch is not only recognised overseas but is Internationally Accredited. By studying through Balancingtouch, you are an Internationally Accredited Therapist. You will secure your future with the legal qualifications that allow you to work abroad. Your studies with us give you the access to insurance cover and registration in places like the UK, Ireland, ect. that make you more employable internationally.   

Welcome to The Balancingtouch Institute 

Turning your Dreams into a Prosperous Future with True Inspiration, True Knowledge and the Greatest Skills you will find. 

Balancingtouch is your door to true success and self empowerment in Professional Massage Therapy.

They are the Internationally Registered and Accredited Education Provider of Massage Therapy that have set the

highest standards of Massage  Practice and Education in South Africa, having changed the lives of thousands for the better.

Every individual has a powerful gift, It is our responsibility to nurture this in you and give you the skills to create 

the successful and abundant future you deserve


Cruise Ship Jobs

Balancingtouch Qualifications and Accreditation is accepted by leading cruise ship spa companies. Not only will you greatly improve your chances of being accepted to work on board, but you will have the upper hand because of courses and education that you will only find at Balancingtouch. You will be prepared for success because of what we teach and how we train you due to of our experience at sea. 

Balancingtouch Institute as a reputable education provider, does not accept  HHI diplomas, certificates or Qualifications from schools that are associated or marked with the following logo/organisation as they do not meet our quality or our  basic standards and do not meet the legal requirements or criteria that we require or recognise.

Our Code of Conduct

What is our code of conduct?

What standards elate  us  and earns us professional respect 

Massage Career Success 

Massage therapy is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers in the world.

Market research in SA has shown that Balancingtouch trained therapists are busier than other therapists, they enjoy more re-bookings, earn up to 300% more than of other therapists and have highly successful practices because they deliver the best results, have the best knowledge and do not need to discount their services.

The TOP 10 Reasons why People enrolled and succeeded in massage therapy


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Our Mission & Vision 

What is our mission & vision?

What do we do that sets the standard and drives success?


Why Students Choose Balancingtouch

​At Balancingtouch, You will always get the absolute best in our industry.

What makes us different to the other schools or institutions is our Quality and Value.

You will not get the same quality and high standards from any other Wellness Institution.
The success of our students has proven this for years. We are not where we are because of ridiculous specials, false promises or clever marketing.  

Check Hello Peter and Google reviews before choosing a school.

We are here because your success and credibility is our priority, we produce a level of skill and ethic that outshines the rest, our standards are international, our guidance and knowledge is a cut above the rest and our courses give you confidence and pride beyond what others offer. 
We set the standard of quality of the Wellness Industry for others to follow.
We are not interested in getting mass enrolments, We are focused on producing top quality, world class therapists. Therapists that clients and professionals can trust and depend on for results.

We are Accredited to train and facilitate you by ETDP-SETA 

(Education, Training and Development Practice Sector)

We train you legally in our  International and national unit standards

and Quality Education.

Furthermore, Balancingtouch Is Internationally ACCREDITED by 

The Guild, The Largest Beauty and Holistic Accreditation Body based in

The UK. On request, You will be registered as an internationally

Accredited therapist where you will immediately qualify to practice

with full cover internationally.


Many of our sought after courses require Basic Qualification to attend and enrol, and we would like to help.

Balancingtouch Massage and Reflexology Training institute,  will accept basic/advanced Qualifications from a recognised group for you attend our advanced skill courses and workshops. If your certificate presents any of the following logos you are entitled to attend and enrol.


Our Accreditation

What is our accreditation? What makes our courses internationally recognised?