Why Would You Want to Register?

The power of being internationally Registered, means a lot in our industry.

It shows that your training and qualifications, on a world standard, are Properly regulated (Hold solid backing and cover all the up to date  criteria for safe and successful Practice) for the greater good of clients and our industry and that you, are in fact  on par or even above the standards needed in SA.

Your name and your qualification is recorded on an international data base of Practitioners and you can proudly call yourself a Member of the International Guild of Holistic Therapists. You are then an Official Registered Massage Therapist or and Internationally Registered Reflexologist.

No one can question or reject or doubt your credibility, your skill or your work.

You will be an International member of The Guild of Holistic Therapists - You will receive your membership number - Date of registration and Title - that can be used on all your literature and marketing.

What Can You Do Once Registered? 

Once Registered, a whole world of options opens up to you, Literally.

Firstly you can work with even greater pride and surety with your qualifications. South Africa will be shown the fantastic world standards that you work with and will respect your work even more. International clients that are familiar with the international best practice and standards that they get back in their own country, will recognise and admire the levels you learned at Balancingtouch and will probably know your accreditation body you are registered with, naturally booking with you when they are in town.

Even though you are recognised internationally with your Balancingtouch certificate, once you are registered, you will be accredited Internationally and accepted faster overseas. Immediately, should you move abroad, you could start working without legal restrictions and find it easier to find work with your certificates.

Furthermore, You automatically qualify for professional insurance cover in most countries for massage once registered though our accreditation board.

you also gain access to other online courses through The Guild of therapists once you have registered through Balancingtouch.

There are also many other career options for you. Scroll down to see more....  

What Qualifications Should You Register

In SA, we may not register you internationally without consent, so the international registration for your courses with

The Guild is done in addition to your enrolment.  The registered courses are identical to the standard courses in syllabus

but with a few minor additions to the registration process  and adjustments to the submission procedures of your work.

All of our courses are internationally recognised. However, for the following, we have made it easy for you to ensure

your most important Qualifications (foundation and highest demand) are registered and accredited through the Guild

so that you can be and international member of The Guild of Holistic Therapists with your international Therapist Codes.

  • Swedish Massage (Accredited Full Body Therapy)
  • Reflexology (Accredited&Registered foot Reflexology)
  • Hot Stone Massage (Accredited Hot Stone Therapy)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (Accredited Higher level)

Our courses at Balancingtouch are recognised world wide for adding huge value in skills in our industry in SA and abroad. Balancingtouch is contributing  and registering these refined and enhanced recognised course to the international board so that they can become registered  into the international therapy education system. 

Although this takes time to process, the following courses will become internationally registered for everyone's benefit.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
  • Soft tissue & Remedial Massage Therapy (Remedial Sports Massage)
  • Cupping Therapy Massage (Cupping)
  • Bamboo Fascial Therapy (Sports Bamboo Massage)
  • Lomi-lomi
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • and more...



Must you register to Practice Massage Therapy?
Becoming registered is not a legal obligation for now. South Africa does not have a regulatory board of natural touch therapy.

There are associations in SA (Not Governing Bodies/Regulators). These Associations do not work according to world standards and are not  within the scope of the international practices of natural, preventative touch medicine, Many of these Associations are completely governed by the medical and pharmaceutical boards are severely restricted, even though massage therapy is not in the same scope of conventional western medical studies.

Registering with an Association is not an Accreditation, it does not put you on a board of special therapists. It puts you on a list at that Association and binds you contractually to work how they see fit.
You are note legally obligated to register and get a medical/membership practice number in SA, because massage therapy and natural healing is not a medical based/pharmaceutical ruled industry - all this means is that medical aids cannot be used (In SA).

Massage Career Success 

Massage therapy is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers in the world.

Balancingtouch trained therapists are busier than other therapists,  enjoy more re-bookings, earn up to 300% more than of other therapists. 12 Therapists from Balancingtouch earned over the R30K mark monthly over 2018. 29 people could quit their job to earn more doing massage. 7 People immigrated with their accredited qualifications and secured work abroad.  Balancingtouch Qualified therapists have the best knowledge and do not need to discount their services to stay busy.

Step 2

Once registered, You will be contacted by The accreditation board. Please make sure you have your internet operational

You will be welcomed by The International Guild of Therapists. To activate, you will  make a payment of  £25.00 directly to them. This will secure your membership and will activate your online theory modules that you will complete do online (See more details below) 

Becoming Internationally Registered


Thanks to our international Accreditation, Therapists who choose to study through Balancingtouch

automatically qualify to register internationally with The Guild of International Therapists.

Although all of our courses and qualifications are internationally recognised, The most important

International Qualifications are Accredited and registered and carry extra weight, credibility

and give therapists huge benefits. 

Guaranteeing you the added advantage in the industry by having  an international Practice number.


Once you are ready to Enrol, and want International Registration, Follow these 3 simple steps

You can also give us a call to assist you on 0127722227 or email Info@balancingtouch.co.za

Step 3

Now that you are registered, Your textbooks will be ready for collection at the School. You can officially start becoming an international world class registered therapist!!

The compulsory online theory component (Also covered in class) is easy to follow. This is recorded by the Guild for your Int. accreditation. Once you have completed this and the practical components in class, you will officially be an Internationally Registered Professional and a member of the Guild of International therapists!!! 

Step 1

When you enrol, be sure to make it clear you want International Registration and for what course (recommendations below)

We will register you with The Guild as their Registered Accredited School only once your enrolment with us is completed. We will inform them of what qualification you have selected to have internationally registered so they can create your membership. 

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