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Have the title SMP at the end of your name on completion of all your courses

This Superior package places you on a specialist level in massage therapy both in South Africa and abroad. The package was designed to slingshot your career in massage therapy beyond what any other massage education provider is able to. It is only here where will you find a such a thought out and insightful package that places you in the elite group of massage therapists world wide.

Not only will you have greater success and higher credibility in comparison to other therapists out there, giving you the ability to build and sustain a hugely successful business but you will be functioning and performing at a level that exceeds the expectations of countries like Germany, Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom and other highly developed countries where massage therapy is seen as a highly respected and specialized profession.

Your deeper knowledge and insight, your skills and abilities, and your qualifications and approach to massage after this package, will place you on an expert level greater than what any other institutions, councils or Associations in South Africa has to offer. You will truly become part of this global community of massage practitioners where your skills and knowledge will be respected, in demand and highly valuable in South Africa and internationally.

As a Massage Specialist, you will be able to work around all different concerns, deliver solid and measurable results thus leading to rapid growth and business success and needless to say, retuning and happy clients that trust and depend on you as part of their wellness and total health regime.

Should you one day find yourself immigrating, your skills and knowledge will be recognized at this level so you will always find yourself able to continue what you have learned and loved.

Aromatherapy (Using Essential Oils)
Mastering the use of essential oils and blending of oils, creating your own signature aromatherapy blends that make you different from the rest, to bring greater results in touch therapies, to facilitate healing on multiple levels in your clients and to create home care products for your clients to purchase or keep to maintain healing.   (MORE)  

Manual Lymph Drainage (Manually Detox the Body)
Using highly specialised techniques and scientific formulas to cleanse the body's detoxification system, to boost your clients immune system and to rapidly speed up weight loss. To assist in the recovery of cancer treatment and to be able to offer and receive referrals for a treatment  recommended by Doctors. To truly incorporate deep physical healing into all other treatments  (MORE)  

Sports Bamboo Massage
Bamboo sports massage is a fusion of advanced sports massage and eastern massage that utilises bamboo chews to work effectively and effortlessly on denser and tense muscles that are usually a struggle to treat and are demanding on the therapist’s hands. The bamboo sticks, heated or at room temperature, elongate and iron out tense and knotted muscle with great ease and efficiency. MORE

Pregnancy Massage

One thing that is for sure is that people are always having babies, there are always mommies to be that are going through so much and have alot to handle with their little one on the way. Expecting moms have many concerns that we can help with, from tension to the need for relaxation. These mommies need us and are always looking for what we can offer. Sadly, many places that offer massage to pregnant clients cause great harm to the baby and the mother because they are not qualified. Here you will learn exactly how to work, what to avoid and how to be extremely helpful and safe, so that mom can enjoy her pregnancy, minimise discomfort and feel safe in your hands, the right way   . MORE

Swedish massage (Balancingtouch Massage)
International standards massage course. This highest quality basic massage course teaches how to master professional massage techniques that bring about true relaxation and have a balancing and healing effect on all systems of the body. Professional ethics and best practice as a massage practitioner in the international industry (MORE)

Reflexology (Advanced Reflexology)
Masterfully formulated Reflexology course. These tried and tested, proven reflexology techniques and formulas are systematically applied on the feet that focuses on anatomy, physiology and pathology through the nervous system to balance, correct and recognise possible health issues (MORE)

Sports massage (Remedial Sports Massage)
Applied advanced/remedial massage techniques course. Accurately addressing and treating the muscular system for tension, nodules, stiffness and minor injuries and posture with scientifically proven advanced massage techniques to bring about measurable results in a highly professional and proficient manner (MORE)

Hot stone massage (Advanced Hot stone)
Applied Heat/thermal therapy massage course. Using heated authentic, naturally tumbled volcanic stones to massage and manipulate the muscles on the body in a specific way to bring about health and relaxation benefits 10X faster than basic Swedish techniques. One of the most relaxing, purifying and in demand treatments available in the spa industry (MORE) 

Head Massage (Balinese Scalp Massage)
Eastern inspired massage applied in the seated position. This deeply relaxing and soothing massage is focused on the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp and used Balinese and eastern style massage techniques (hand and forearms) to bring about deep states of relaxation and calm without the client removing clothing (MORE)  



Total value of package and equipment (R 32,000.00) You save R10,100.00

Includes the following:

Free Zendu Massage table

1 lt Relax Massage Oil

1 lt Sports massage Oil

All manuals

All Equipment (Excludes stone heater)

All Assessments 

MSP title name badge at the end of your training