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Our Vision Statement

​​We at Balancingtouch intend to Keep growing and maintain the massage and wellness industry in South Africa to its fullest potential and continue to push the standards beyond what is being offered elsewhere, while correcting the false and incorrect standards being taught in South Africa.

We aim to create leaders and reputable professionals that will start to and are continually raising the level of the industry higher than the average massage academies in this country.

We aim to empower massage therapists of all walks, by handing them the skills that are up to date and needed to be successful so that they may live a financially secure and fulfilled life while helping people with integrity and ethic.

We aim to keep establishing massage therapies and our students in their rightful place in the field of health and wellness as a crucial, highly respected and functional part of society and the health industry in South Africa at large as it has been in the rest of the world.

We aim to keep empowering our students and practitioners with the necessary skills, techniques, highest standards or practice and ethical values to create and sustain lifelong professional relationships with clients, medical practitioners and other complimentary therapists to yield results beyond expectation for the betterment of client care, customer service, and cooperative practice. 

We believe that all individuals are unique and should be respected and honoured for that. Balancingtouch aims to create the perfect bespoke training that is suited to each individual participant and group so that they may learn new skills, improve performance and see the bigger picture in a way that is easy to absorb and meaningful on a personal level while being inspired and enjoying the process.

Our Mission Statement

​​Balancingtouch Massage and Reflexology Training Institute is committed to inspiring participants to achieve the highest industry standards of Massage and Touch Therapies the world has to offer.  To educate individuals in adult based education and relevant Legitimate skill development through our skills development programs and training modules that are participant centred and industry relevant based.

We seek to instil in participants a solid foundation, laid in honesty, integrity, morality and heart centred focus. To instil the highest quality of in-demand skills, result driven techniques, necessary vocational skills, confidence, safety and responsible leadership in the massage and natural health industry to ensure correct and accurate Education and Knowledge is being taught for true success as therapists and as entrepreneurs in the professional massage and spa industry.We are committed to offering the most relevant Accredited/recognised training at the most cost effective prices within fee standards set by the industry regulations  so that the participants do not have to pay more than what is necessary, but are gaining the true value of legitimate educational standards of our industry. And so that the courses pay themselves back faster, giving therapists the opportunity to grow and developed themselves further.