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Rungu Deep Tissue Massage

 (Deep tissue massage with the use of hand carved massage tools) Must have Swedish Massage 







In the Rungu massage we will be focusing on working with Rungu`s as a tool to perform deep tissue massage to treat athletes and larger, tenser clients with an understanding of advanced massage techniques and how to use Rungu sticks to accurately treat them with stretches, massage movements and advanced massage techniques along with the treatment and manipulation of the facial system  that would usually take years of experience to gain.

This Rungu Deep Tissue course is not like any Rungu course you will find in South Africa. The courses you find in SA are centred on spa treatments and often the therapists work without enough knowledge and too much pressure. During our time we will be exploring what causes muscle problems and what happens in the muscular system, we will be given the opportunity to put into practise the newly acquired skills and safely master them while adapting them to our own personal style and approach.

This is a must to have if you find yourself giving more treatments on more muscular clients or clients with stubborn tension. like most of our certified therapists that trained under Balancingtouch, you may also find yourself busier than most therapists in the industry. Rungu will give you the tools and skills to save your hands and give a more intensive treatment with little effort.

COST:                           R 3750.00 (depending on availability)

DURATION:             3 weeks (days)
INCLUDES:               Manual
                                          Sports Massage Aromatherapy Oil
                                          Rungu Stick Massage Kit (valued at R800.00)
                                          Light Refreshments


REQUIREMENT:  Basic Swedish/Holistic Massage Certificate



  • Specialised massage techniques
  • Different muscle conditions
  • Correct deep tissue massage
  • How to work with massage equipment
  • How to work safely and effectively
  • How to use massage tools to perform Remedial massage techniques 


  • Break down Knots in the muscles permanently
  • Break down adhesions and deep tension
  • Stretch muscle groups effortlessly
  • Increase your income per treatment by up to 25%
  • Work 10x deeper with minimum pressure
  • Perform more treatments with a fraction of your energy         
  • Completely eliminate the risk of injuring your hands
  • Become the preferred therapist in high tension clients and clients with larger muscles/athletes





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SAQA US ID: 377487
SAQA US ID: 262447

When I first joined the Rungu massage course, I was afraid it was going to be one of those faffy Spa treatments that you get from those bush day spas that have no real value. I was absolutely amazed when I started. This course was everything I had hoped for and more. The tools are hand crafted and are stunning to work with as a massage tool. they are able to work much deeper than my hands ever could and my clients with serious muscle are addicted to the treatment and i don't even break a sweat even after 5 sessions in a row. I am so glad I did this.  I would give this course and the lecturer 10/10. Balancingtouch Knows what they are doing!"

" I was trained in Advanced sports massage by another academy where the trainer  never taught us how to care for our hands and taught us techniques that were not really effective so I ended up working harder out of ignorance, damaging my hands. I eventually made the decision to stop Massage as my hands were getting worse. Until one day I heard about  Devin at Balancingtouch who had also lost the use of his hands for a long time because of something similar and was teaching therapists the correct techniques and how to massage effectively without risk. He recommended that I do the Rungu deep tissue massage. even though I was nervous I did it.  I an now so happy that I can do my treatments again. Even more, he showed me massage techniques that the previous school did not understand and teach correctly. I am so grateful. thank you, thank you, thank you!