The  MSP Package is our most prestigious and Valuable special you will find. With this Combination you are truly set as a professional. Not only will you have this title and all the equipment you need, but you will be the most skilled, diverse and versatile  Practitioner the second you start your Hugely successful career Learn More

R 11,900.00 WAS R 15,450.00

Free Massage Bed - 1 Litre Detox Oil - 3 Top Courses in SA

R 21,900.00 WAS R 32,000.00

Free Massage Bed - 2 Litre Oil Blend - Top Courses in SA

R 16,400.00 WAS R 22,450.00

Free Massage Bed - 1 Litre Relax Oil - 5 Top Courses in SA



R 9900.00

This Sizzling Package focuses on Immune Boosting, comfort & Warmth as well as keeping off the winter Weight


Swedish Massage Course

Manual Lymph Drainage

Hot Stone Therapy

​​SAVING YOU  R 2400

The SSP is the top of the range Starter packages and is completely designed with your success in mind. The combination of therapies here are in huge demand from clients, This will guarantee that you will always have clients and stay earning all year round... Learn More

Sports Focused Package


Very Important note from the international regulatory bodies of Legitimate Therapy Schools
If courses are too cheap or specials are ridiculously low, it is a direct indication that the institute is not regulated and is not working in accordance with industry Standards. It is a direct warning that the course is against the industries criteria and does not meet industry standards, and indeed will pull the industry down.

Be careful of fake accreditation and beware not to sign up with memberships that make false claims or fake authority as you will be held liable with them.



R 12,400.00 WAS R 15,850.00

Free Massage Bed - 1 Litre Sports Oil - 3 Top Courses 

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The Duration of the packages

The good news with Balancingtouch is that there is no cut off time for you complete the packages we have on offer. 

The STARTER COURSE PACKAGE consists of 5 singular courses that take 4-8 weeks (Full time week day classes) or 2-3 Months (Part time weekend classes)

The MASSAGE SPECIALIST PACKAGE consists of 9 Singular courses that take 6-10 weeks (Full time week day classes) or 3-5 Months (Part time weekend classes)

We are pretty flexible when it comes to accommodating your schedule and we will strive to work with you. The course dates may be dependant on our schedules and current booking and we will book and secure your space once you have chosen.

Your spaces for your package will be guaranteed and your equipment will be ordered as soon as you have completed the enrolment process. 

If you have any queries or would like some guidance, please feel free to email us. Our friendly and professional staff are waiting to help you.


Holistic Healing Package


Student Starter Package Page


​​Balancingtouch gives you the most incredible rates and Discounts on our Specials without Discounting and taking off  the quality and standards thousands have come to trust from us.  

Balancingtouch Specials give you carefully thought out course packages, designed by experts in the field. The packages and savings we give, guarantee a fruitful and successful massage therapy career​ with huge return. 

With an increase in stress and disease, people are turning away from 1 dimensional medicine that causes this and are tuning toward a more functional/holistic  forms of treatment and it is working, this package gears you up to deliver what is needed  to bring true healing  Learn More

This Incredible Course Combo is dynamically focused on building you up from scratch to meet the huge demands for sports focused massage therapists that can actually deliver results. This is perfect for you if you have connection with sports/PT or know people who are.. Learn More

Massage Specialist Package


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R 10800.00

This incredible Combo focuses on all levels of holistic healing



Swedish Massage Course

Advanced Reflexology

Hot Stone Therapy

​​SAVING YOU  R 2000