SWEDISH MASSAGE  (Must be completed before Remedial Sports Massage)

This course give you the solid foundation needed in massage therapy practice, even personal trainers and medical professionals that enrol with us, understand the need for the correct industry approach at a foundation level to ensure the advanced levels are approached correctly (As working with and on people in a massage capacity is different to other fields). A solid foundation ensures solid success and growth

REMEDIAL SPORTS MASSAGE (Must be completed before Bamboo Sports Massage)

This powerful Qualification gives you the most advanced massage therapy techniques that are curative and diagnostic on levels that are overlooked in medical practices. You will be able to treat your clients pains and muscle imbalances that cannot be addressed though regular massage. You will also learn how to prevent injuries by using scientifically proven techniques to intervene at specific points and stages where all injuries start. you will learn how to read the states of the muscles and their conditions and you will gain the skill and ability to create bespoke treatments per client depending on their needs. This will ensure that you have constant return bookings and regular clients for life.


This incredibly powerful course places you an a level beyond traditional sports massage therapists. Based on intensive research, This skill saves the hands of massage therapists, enabling them to work harder, longer and deeper without straining their hands, it conserves energy and gives the therapists an edge over regular therapies. Even more valuable, is that this course teaches you how to work with tools to deeply balance and treat the fascia layers and lines (Similar to Gua Sha Deep tissue Therapy or Linotherapy But without Pain or bruising). This is deeply balancing and correcting for your clients body and delivers rapid results that last and prevent injury.

PACKAGE  cost - R 12,400.00
Value of Courses and equipment (R 16,100) You save R 3,700.00
Spaces are limited due to shortage of Massage Tables in South Africa and also Limited Bamboo sets that are hand crafted

Please enquire before booking to ensure there is availability.

Includes the following:
-Free Zendu Massage table 
-1 litre Sports Massage oil
-All manuals
-All kits and equipment 
-All assessments




(International registration fee is excluded, and is only applicable if you want to become a member of the international board)




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There is Huge need for Professional massage practitioners to help Athletes of all kinds and all levels in their sporting lives. Athletes have educated themselves and know first hand the need for injury prevention, rehabilitation and maintenance of their bodies. Athletes are tired of therapies that don't work or only deal with symptoms. They are moving away from the traditional sports massage therapists and physiotherapists and are looking for Practitioners that can deliver true results, enhance performance, and intervene in the early stages to accurately prevent injuries.

This package is specifically designed to give you this and will give you the most current skills, tools and approaches to ensure success, results and longevity as an athlete focused massage professional.

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