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" I have been looking for massage school that offers Body wraps. I had Clients the whole of last winter requesting slimming wraps for weight loss and detoxification. Since Didi this course.

I become so in demand and there are so few therapists that can actually perform the treatment correctly and actually bring results. thank you Balancingtouch for this amazing course, I cant wait to do the External colon cleansing."


Over this period, losing my best friend, my hero, my mom life decided to take its toll on me, and I was hit quite hard. I did lose all my personal items and basically my home when I took the leap of faith and decided to do a course through Balancingtouch. Initially I only did the course the better my personal knowledge of the lymphatic system. Just suffering a stroke myself I thought I wouldn't be able to do the massages myself.

I completed my course in October 2017. The course is filled with knowledge regarding the lymphatic system and the basics of internationally used techniques.  The support you receive during the course and after the course is amazing. Balancingtouch became my family. Upon completion of my course and completing  my of hours before certification. I was overwhelmed by how needed my skill was and how busy I became. I never anticipated to do this as a profession.

By February 2018 I was working alongside well known doctors in the medical industry and i had completed additional courses  in anatomy and physiology and other massage courses. Through this time, Balancingtouch was a major influence and support inside the structure of my business and for me as a practitioner, by March 2018 I started travelling around South Africa due to my treatments being in high demand. 

By August 2018 I attended the LYMPHO conference in Paris and in Prague which I was invited to by an international professor whom I've been working with over the internet after studying through Balancingtouch.  I was the only South African Practitioner to represent the country in Prague at that time.

No words can explain how amazing the support from Balancingtouch. In November 2018 myself and my staff (Who studied at Balancingtouch) were accepted to attend a intensive Training program to Specialise in Cosmetic Surgery. My Company, Lymphatica, and our work  is internationally recognised by world renowned surgeons and medical professionals. We are grateful for the foundation and support Balancingtouch has been giving to us.

Balancingtouch is a place where you find yourself and your inner purpose. You study as a family and work as a family.  We will always be grateful that Balancingtouch was the beginning to our story at Lymphatica.

Healing Regards

Bianca Botha

MLD Practitioner 
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 "In all my years of being a Sports Massage therapist, I have come across clients with all of the concerns that this course mentions. Before completing this course, I would try and bring lasting relief with no avail. Now  I am able to truly bring relief to my clients. Some of them say that I have given them more result than their Physiotherapist had in years. this is by far the most invaluable workshop a professional therapist could do. Balancingtouch  has transformed the way I work for the better."



“I had completed a two year national diploma in therapeutic Reflexology but it was only after doing this course did I actually see the true power of this amazing treatment. I have gained a clearer and deeper understanding of how reflexology works and why my clients get results. I have gained more in this course than I did in two years.”
“I just did a short course because I was given 50% discount for reflexology taught by a facilitator that had no experience at all. I would have rather paid double if the course was as professional and relevant as the Reflexology course from Balancingtouch!”
“Since I’ve done this reflex course, I have been able to help my clients more than I ever imagined. I never thought I would ever do reflexology, I’m glad I did it! Thank you!!”


“I had studied Sports massage with my sport sciences degree and I can honesty tell you that this course has given me more skill and knowledge in one class with Balancingtouch compared to what I learned in my course at university.” 
“ I had just completed an Advanced Sports massage course at another school in Joburg but I really struggled and found the treatment procedure I learned there was ineffective and not worth my time or money. I chose to re do sports massage at Balancingtouch and I must say that this is what I expected to learn the first time round. My clients are happier and the results are phenomenal. I didn't realize how effective Remedial Sports massage could be and I am so glad I did this. just wish I knew about you guys sooner!”

“What I loved most about this course at Balancingtouch, was the guidance and support I got from the lecture. There was a lot of information and I thought I wouldn’t cope with but it all came together and now I know I can really help my client. Thank you Balancingtouch.”

Humbling Testimonial From

The Director Of LYMPHATICA,


 "I had no clue that hot stone massage could do so much for a client, I received a hot stone massage from a friend  who studied at another massage academy. as much as I love her, her treatment felt very unstructured and she struggled with the stones. At Balancingtouch, I learned how to manage the stones properly, to Not burn the client, and deliver a sequence that is so effective and deeply relaxing. My friend has decided to go through Balancingtouch to learn how to do it properly. she deserves to know better."

" At first I believed and really thought that Hot stone was a fu fu massage that was all about the look and relaxation, I was amazed to learn how interesting and useful the treatment is. My clients absolutely love the treatment and rave about it every time I work on them, some of them even say that they have never felt hot stone massage like that before. Thank you Balancingtouch. One of my favourite courses so far."

" As a physiotherapist, I was amazed to see how effective this treatment is in releasing fascia and tightened ligaments. It is even more effective that most of the  equipment in my practice. I am also finding that my patients are requesting more Hot stone therapy than just physio. I'm surprised we didn’t learn this in our years of studying."




Student Testimonials

“I have been a therapist for 6 years and I can honestly say that my clients prefer this massage to any other Holistic or Swedish massage they have ever had.”
“I've been in the industry for years now, but after seeing and learning these new techniques, I have realized that there is more to a full body massage than I give credit to. I still can’t believe that we didn't learn this in collage.”
“I did a Holistic massage course through another school a year ago but didn't complete my exam because I was dissatisfied and didn't agree with what I was taught.  I decided to try again  through Balancingtouch because they seemed better than the other place.... I should have come here first, they exceeded my expectation and they actually care. Thank you Balancingtouch!  ”
" I've been going for regular massage for years now and always wanted to learn how to give a massage.
After doing the course with Devin and learning how, I have realized that most therapists don't even do half the stuff I've learned in this course. As a spa client and as a student, this is truly the best massage I have ever had and my new clients agree!"


Student Testimonial

Thank you Devin de Kock, I am so Pleased to know where to study even further now... Wouldn't go anywhere else. You and the students in the class lifted my spirits.... Thank you!!

Janique Sharman

" There is something Special about Balancingtouch, they don't only teach you about the craft of massage. 

They teach you about yourself, nurturing your individuality and blending all the great parts of you  into your new craft.

When you start working on your clients, you bring  that little bit extra to each session that no one could could teach . And that is what sets them apart from any other school"

-Nina Joubert- 


Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial 

Devin, and his team at BT make you feel right at home.  Even timid, quiet students come out their shells, and interact fully in the classes, and during breaks. I feel that this is because you realise you’re in a safe space, with like-minded individuals.

Devin and Kyle encourage students to ask questions, and are always on hand to guide, and lead during the practical work. My initial enquiries were made from abroad, and Devin was very patient in answering all my questions, making special arrangements for my equipment to be collected, etc.
My affiliation with Balancingtouch didn’t end when I got my certificate. The team is always available if you have questions about a treatment plans, want a chat, or some business advice. I’ve had clients choose me, over others, as their therapist, because I was trained at Balancingtouch.  After two years, my business is going from strength to strength, and I believe a part of that success is due to my affiliation / training from Balancingtouch. I can highly recommend them for any massage training.

                Chris de Beer  -2019-

Thank YOU Balancingtouch for offering such amazing courses and wonderful teachings. Going above and beyond ..... Thank you for having such great customer service and when dealing with you in person or via email, to always be welcomed with professionalism, smiles, friendliness and excitement about the courses... my experience has been just simply exceptional.. ! 

Jo-Anne Williams (Facebook comment)