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Over this period,losing my best friend, my hero and my mom life decided to take its toll on me, and I was hit quite hard. I did lose all my personal items and basically my home when I took the leap of faith and decided to do a course through Balancingtouch. Initially I only did the course the better my personal knowledge of the lymphatic system. Just suffering a stroke myself I thought I wouldn't be able to do the massages myself.

I completed my course in October 2017. The course is filled with knowledge regarding the lymphatic system and the basics of internationally used techniques.  The support you receive during the course and after the course is amazing. Balancingtouch became my family.

 Upon completion of my course and completing  my of hours before certification, I was overwhelmed by how needed my skill was and how busy I became. I never anticipated to do this as a profession.

By February 2018 I was working alongside well known doctors in the medical industry and i had completed additional courses  in anatomy and physiology and other massage courses. Through this time, Balancingtouch was a major influence and support inside the structure of my business and for me as a practitioner, by March 2018 I started travelling around South Africa due to my treatments being in high demand. 

By August 2018 I attended the LYMPHO conference in Paris and in Prague which I was invited to by an international professor whom I've been working with over the internet after studying through Balancingtouch.  I was the only South African Practitioner to represent the country in Prague at that time.

No words can explain how amazing the support from Balancingtouch. In November 2018 myself and my staff (Who studied at Balancingtouch) were accepted to attend a intensive Training program to Specialise in Cosmetic Surgery. My Company, Lymphatica, and our work in internationally recognised by world renowned surgeons and medical professionals. 

We are grateful for the foundation and support Balancingtouch has been giving to us.

Balancingtouch is a place where you find yourself and your inner purpose. You study as a family and work as a family. We will always be grateful that Balancingtouch was the beginning to our story at Lymphatica

Healing Regards

Bianca Botha MLD Practitioner 

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