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We must prepare and rest  physically, mentally, emotionally

and spiritually before we reflect as the whole planet felt this Trauma.

Balancingtouch encourages you stay safe in lock down,

fill yourself  by using the time  to:

Reflect  and connect on the deepest levels with yourself, loved ones and Nature.

spend at least 30min each day alone to plan how your day  will be and  how you will spend time with each aspect

time with you....

before you get busy, be still. reflect on how you were yesterday, how you felt, and how certain things affected you. ask yourself if there was any point where you could have made a better choice , given a better response, or could have chosen a different way to look at something that happened.  Give yourself time to envision the previous day playing out in the better version with its corrections.

It is important to admit to yourself and take full ownership of what you did not to others but to yourself. as you do this you  are essentially liberating yourself and gaining control of your emotions.

there is also a time of day where you must spend time in nature alone or with your pet to spend some time speaking gently to yourself. praise yourself in the 3rd person for the good you have done today, for owning your behaviour and being honest with yourself and say thank you to your body for everything it has done for you today and for all it has done your whole life and that it is allowing you to enjoy life today regardless of any health concerns.

Spend time with all those around you and make a point of looking for their unique qualities that make them special , and say thank you to them for spending time with you (Don't make a big thing out of it).

and then finally with nature, look at the plants and the birds and recognise that this is there home that they share with you and have accepted you as part of their habitat and feel gratitude that you are indeed surrounded by life and it recharges  you and feeds you and teaches you.

see the light and feel gratitude in this global shift and document  Only what you love daily.

Choose to look for at least 10 things that you are grateful to have before you get up and about. you can find these things while lying in your bed. and every time you hear something negative, say out loud a positive solution or a positive affect that could happen as a result. allow yourself to find a positive /solution mindset no matter how negative you could feel. remind yourself that everyone else is going though what you are too. we are seperite but we are all connected and can collectively unknowingly support each other. also, remember to touch base with the Creator show gratitude for the silent support and guidance that is there.... even if your creator was science or evolution. show gratitude and talk out loud, even a whisper can do.

dont forget to write it down, ....the good you see, and you will see more good   

Answer your true calling, go where you are being drawn to, bring light to others.

is extremely  important is to become Immune on all levels  

The Real Virus to avoid is the virus of fear, panic and desperation, it serves you no purpose and is more deadly than anything ever seen and can destroys homes, hearts and our natural immunity physically, pcycologically and energetically

You are allowed to feel peace, you are allowed to not stress, you are allowed to connect with the peace that has always been inside you, a knowing that You are going to be fine, You have what it takes to cope and flourish in this life regardless of what the mind may say.

Have you taken the time and looked at the the sky, the stars, heard the birds, the sound of the night, tasted the clean air, the quiet of the mornings?  Do you  feel the calmness  and serenity without the  distractions that before filled your  free time and stole moments from family, from loved ones and from finding ourselves.

But in this time, have you seen how good you look, how rested and renewed your mind feels , 

We are all at home not working as we usually did, and we may sometimes stress about tomorrow but haven't you realised that right now, You're still alive, the world is still standing.

that one thing at work that you needed to do, that your life depended on, that kept you up at night and stressed you out beyond control has no real impact or factor in your life.

With this lock down, despite the news, the lack of toilet paper 
Can you feel that you are starting to synchronize with nature, the circadian rhythm, the lunar cycle, do you notice how much more synchronized you are with the people you now connect with. 

Do you feel how far removed the man made system is from the true nature of existence and true reality.

Have you felt the pull to  nature, to animals and the garden.

We were not built for fear, we were built for peace, for laughter, for love and to connect with all that is good.

We do not need to consume the madness we read, see, hear and look for online.

We can disconnect, we can be with the ones we love,

planning is not the same as worrying.

many asked why we closed before the shut down and the answer is .

We closed our doors as soon as we heard COVID-19 was here. we are here to educate you but primarily teach you in complete safety. your safety is worth more than your enrolment fee or a sale to us. We had to completely  and correctly implement the strictest protacols for contagiouse diseases and develop the most effective poceedures and have them approved by our partners abroad.

Take this time to reflect, to rest, to recuperate and maybe you will see what many of us in massage and natural healing have come to accept as a lifestyle a mind set, a reality. 

That this is the only life we have and the beauty of life (REAL LIFE) surrounds us daily with its magnificent magic, a very natural and perfect balance in all things. its ebb and flow that allows things to be, and uses every scenario that appears to be a problem, as an opertunity to produce more life. nothing in nature strives for balance, it experiences by allowing it and by acting accordingly adds to its balance harmoiusly.

we are of this balance and of this natural life and of this natural world that we were made from

that doesn't need to get somewhere to do something to get something to buy something so that you can eat something to have the energy to do something keep staying  to afford sleeping somewhere so that you are rested to go back to go back somewhere the next day to repeat the proccess for 40hours a week, 40weeks a month, for 40 years a life.


The principal has valuable experience in controlling and preventing

the spread of communicable diseases/viruses . His role as spa operations  manager on

the fleet of cruise ships 'Wind star Cruises' taught him the value

of protocols and procedures that  prevented infection of his staff, clients

ensuring  business continued smoothly.

It is this approach and experience that had  him immediately implement  strict protocols at the institution  from day 1 to ensure measures are taken to protect and prevent contamination of all Balancingtouch Students and Teams.

Sadly, other schools who needed to hit their financial targets continued where students got ill.

He urges all Institutes and academies that are still pushing to do classes to STOP until the correct measures are taken.  He is disgusted that there are still institutions that value a sale over a students well being "Stupid".

Balancingtouch does not take this heath risk lightly and has made all the relevant precautions to implement hygiene protocols to stop Coronavirus from entering the classroom/therapy practice rooms to protect our students,  professionals we have trained,  and their clients. pe your paragraph here.