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One would think that with the is virus penetrating the suburbs, people would be more reluctant to go for massage . However, quite the contrary has occurred.

Practitioners have seen an average 30% rise in massage bookings during this time, this is due to the entire globe being forced into isolation and being deprived of interaction & touch with others human beings. Those who know our practices, understand the safety, have acquired the professionalism and can distinguish the difference between quality and quantity.

The one very special feed back I've received from a trusted friend  and equally skilled massage professional was that he felt all the thoughts around the restrictions & the worry of covid-19, a type of Coronavirus, disappeared from his the practitioner& the client completely forgot about they were in lockdown for that moment during a session, they both had a sense of overwhelming peace. I can see that the calling to help others is very real & much needed.

The information below  gives you some insight into the field of massage therapy & to get a feel for the demands of our industry world wide.  We are always updated and current as to what is happening..


In South Africa Specifically, Massage and other Natural Touch practices have grown in demand by up to almost 300% since 2012. South Africans are have been educated and have been exposed to massage and what it has to offer in terms of Lifestyle, Health, Prevention and Cure.  Clients today, with their growing general knowledge in the subject of health and massage, look for Massage Practitioners that are well rounded in what they can offer. The industry at large has placed standards in what practitioners should offer to be seen as experts in their field. This in itself is based on what clients request in private practices, spas, massage studios, and wellness centres across the globe and RSA. Today, the need for highly skilled and dynamic practitioners is a bare minimum based on what practitioners are able to do today. Gone are the days where getting a run of the mill "Holistic massage" would suffice, or going for that  stock standard"Advanced sports massage" that you bought from the Tannie with that tuisnywerheid  franchise

YES! There Absolutely is a need. However, clients are picky and are looking for real therapists with proper skill and high standards, they are loyal, are willing to pay and will promote you if you are good. When students study with Balancingtouch, they learn how to achieve these standard. Unfortunately, there are therapists out there that have not been trained properly because of low standards taught at cheap quality massage schools. these therapists sadly don't do too well. The good news however, is that as we pull up the standards and train our students correctly. The demand for Proper massage is growing faster now than ever. 


The average person is turning to massage practitioners because of the safe yet result driven benefits they will receive. Clients don't just want your outdated holistic massage for relaxation, they are looking for a Massage Practitioner that can perform a truly professional treatment that can not only relax them but will be able to get rid of their physical tension with powerful techniques as well as being versatile enough  to focus to areas where they struggle with most. Here are a few Ideas of who is requesting massage based on what Higher Quality massage therapists (Balancingtouch Trained therapists) Have been able to produce:

  • Chiropractic offices

  • Wellness Practices 

  • Cross-fit Boxes

  • Pilates Studios

  • Yoga Studios

  • Doctors offices

  • Weight loss clinics groups

  • Gymnastic groups

  • Sports teams

  • Corporate events

  • Sporting events

  • Rehabilitation facilities

  • Guest houses

  • Hotels and resorts 

At Balancingtouch, with our hands on international experience as Massage Practitioners, we have designed courses based on what clients want and how to exceed their expectation. 

There are a number of courses that are extremely popular and guarantee your success in the field.  Those who have studied with us know that each of our course we give you, offers something new to learn and hands you a different skill set to equip you with the most advanced techniques to specialize and meet every requirement your clients may have with the Highest  level of expertise and professionalism.

Swedish Massage (That is centred around service excellence to meet world standard service delivery)
Reflexology (That can offer clients an alternative based on demand, to target areas of their health where others have failed) 
Remedial Sports Massage (To bring true relief   where physio fails, to enhance performance and prevent injuries in sports and movement) 
Manual Lymph Drainage (To aid in true weight loss and effective detoxification, and to meet the expectation of great medical referral) 
Balinese Scalp Massage (As an introduction to touch therapies for new clients or to offer shorter treatments to corporate requests and events)

this course is unavailable and strongly advised to avoid during Pandemic due to transmission of infections.
Hot Stone Massage (To speed up the effectiveness of other therapies, to perform safe treatments that people request and expect from therapists)
Lomi- Lomi  Nui (To transcend the stresses of a hectic lifestyle and bring deeper healing to those who have experienced deep trauma and pain)

Balancingtouch offers these most popular courses because of there demand. The difference is, we do not offer the standard run of the mill spa treatments.

Our Focus is on Quality, Skilled Application and achieving greater results than what clients expect.  Although many of our students  will strive for a holistic approach encompassing all forms of massage, many will choose to specialise in direction according to their goals with great success. Regardless of what direction you want to go in. Balancingtouch with years of experience in all forms of Massage, will offer you true expert guidance and support to help you make the most informed decision to achieve your goals.