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Who Are We
​For the past 12 years, Balancingtouch has been the leader and award-winning education provider in the wellness industry. They specialise in massage therapy training and education, offering many quality courses and delivering exceptional training that drives more remarkable success in those who qualify with us.

Every individual matters to us

The cornerstone of Balancingtouch is integrity, honesty, and passion. This is felt throughout our courses and classes and reflected in the therapists who study through us in their work, their approach to the industry, and the results their clients feel and keep coming back for.

"We believe our key to success lies in our approach to our students.

We know that each student is an individual that deserves to be given the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals."

Each person who has been part of Balancingtouch has been treated with respect and integrity because we know they are not just a number or another enrolment. Every person is an individual who has a vision and a need.

Thank you Devin de Kock, I am so Pleased to know where to study even further now... Wouldn't go anywhere else. You and the students in the class lifted my spirits.... Thank you!!

Janique Sharman

Quality And Value

Despite the difficulties we all faced during the lockdown, Balancingtouch did not cut corners but maintained the industry education standards of Hands-On Training that you need to have a successful and fulfilling career as a competent, highly skilled therapist. Most establishments removed this critical training component to secure easy sales and cut costs to the detriment of students and the wellness industry.

Please see the code of conduct under the heading "What experts have to say"

Balancingtouch was chosen to train the medical support team of the Blue Bulls. We presented Remedial Sports Massage to facilitate optimal performance in their teams with massive results because of the proven techniques and quality training and guidance each professional received.

We're proud to share these powerful skills with incredibly professional and educated people who make a massive difference to their players.

Student Testimonials

Who We've Trained

What We Do
​Balancingtouch is a professional and reputable training institution fully accredited by Guild Training International as the only SA training provider of the highest quality Natural and Holistic therapy courses.

According to industry regulators, online training accreditation is insufficient to certify you professionally. But with BT, you are provided with the vital Hands-On Training you need to become a competent, successful and professional therapist.

About Balancingtouch

Thank YOU Balancingtouch for offering such amazing courses and wonderful teachings. Going above and beyond ..... Thank you for having such great customer service and when dealing with you in person or via email, to always be welcomed with professionalism, smiles, friendliness and excitement about the courses... my experience has been just simply exceptional.. ! 

Jo-Anne Williams (Facebook comment)

The courses we teach

Balancingtouch courses ensure that you are both nationally recognised and internationally accredited. You will be recognised, respected and successful because each of our courses is structured around world standards that surpass any South African or online course—giving you greater success in SA and opportunities abroad.

In this time, we have grown from strength to strength by word of mouth and because of our core values, principles, and ethics. With decades of experience in massage and touch therapy and years of experience as high-quality education providers in South Africa and internationally, we have been able to take our experience and expertise and use it for the betterment and development of individuals who study at Balancingtouch.

Expert guidance for confidence

The vital Hands-on Training and expert guidance from BT, that international bodies require to practice massage ensure that you work with the highest standards and quality beyond what clients expect in SA and abroad.

You are guaranteed greater enjoyment, unmatched value and transformative experiences with Balancingtouch.

Because of our success and complete understanding of starting, running and maintaining successful therapy businesses, Balancingtouch has equipped thousands of individuals and companies and continues serving exclusive spas in game reserves, lodges and private practices.

We are grateful to train in such beautiful locations and meet incredible people because of our expertise. We love sharing our knowledge and teaching our skills to each individual so that they can have a fulfilling and abundant life in massage therapy.

In June of 2023, Balancingtouch presented classes at the University of the Western Cape to further develop and open avenues for some incredible postgraduates.

We were honoured to train Biokineticists, Sports Scientists, Coaches, Physiotherapists and Dieticians with some of the Education personnel with phenomenal success.

Balancingtouch is looking forward to presenting for UWC again.