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Balancingtouch Started off as a Massage service provider in 2002 offering multiple treatments to private clients, Spa's and businesses. They were frequently contracted to teach their highly effective massage techniques at various 

establishments and schools across South Africa.

In 2012 when the founder returned from abroad and witnessed  first hands the unethical practices and sub standards of quality in education being at academies and wellness institutes, that the founder of Balancingtouch established Balancingtouch Massage & Reflexology Institute as an official Education Provider in SA. Having years of experience and global Standards in touch therapy and Therapy Education, along with full support of  the international industry leaders, he wanted to change the industry in SA.

Today Balancingtouch Is the only massage therapy institute with a quality of education and skills producing platform of this calibre. Specialising in Integrative natural health practices education that is both Nationally and Internationally recognised with full International Accreditation and registration. Balancingtouch aims to  uplift and grow the massage profession and its credibility in South Africa with each individual that studies massage through them. Never before have massage practitioners done so well in this , until Balancingtouch passed on their wealth of wisdom, through their holistic approach.

Have complete peace of mind when seeing your clients, knowing that your certificates are authentic and internationally certified.

Feel proud to be part of an educational institution that is endorsed, accredited, recognised & governed by the highest International Authorities in our Industry.

We teach every course with full SAQA / SETA-ETDP, Endorsment and our courses hold valid SAQA Unit standards & codes.

Everything you do at Balancingtouch is recognised both Nationally and Internationally.

You also the option to become an Internationally Registered Practitioner with the Guild of Holistic therapists, either as a Massage Practitioner and/ or as a Reflexology Practitioner/ Reflexologist.

Once qualified through us, you can register as an accredited Ethno Massage Practitioner providing traditional touch medicine as an essential service, exempt of lock down regulations.

Due to this "Pandemic" & flaws in our economic & education regulation systems, an important factor was brought to light; & has highlighted the need for creating/starting up an accountable industry regulator specifically for Massage Practice  & other Touch Therapy disciplines, that fall outside of medicine and the scope of medical practice.

The massage profession in SA has truly changed for the better due to what Balancingtouch delivers. Not only do we bring accredited knowledge that is up to date, accurate and applicable, but we also bring the right approach which is sadly missed by other education providers.

The elements of Intuition, Integrity and mindful intentionto do goodfor others this is what makes all the difference, this is essentially the forgotten component in massage education in the modern age. 

Balancingtouch facilitates the compatibility between knowledge (truth) and genetic instinct (Subconscious); to produce a very accurate and instant intuition. The  lecturer guides each individual through these areas to ensure that the practitioner attains this great success and clients get what they need on all levels.

The levels of Passion, Professionalism, Honesty and Sincerity coupled with the greatest skills in touch therapy, is undeniably felt through each person who has trained and Qualified at Balancingtouch and this is what clients  choose to look for in a massage.


Associate Member of the International Guild Of Therapy Lecturers & Holistic Therapies. Body sub-language interpreter, Higher Intuitive Educator

32 Qualifications
19 years exp

Did you know? Most people will fail as a massage therapist because the facilitator never mastered what they try to teach.  Most institutes hire students without experience to cut costs.

The lecturers at Balancingtouch hold the highest levels of teaching qualifications you will find in touch therapy education and each is a master in their subject.

They have achieved brilliant success in their Massage Businesses and have a minimum of 5 years experience along with the passion to help and guide you to the highest level of success. Their aim is to ensure that you attain a success greater than what they did.

How successful do you think you would be, learning from a person that has not even mastered this wisdom?



The Founder/ head Lecturer, Devin

He first qualified in massage in 2001, & still practices today.
The International Assessor/Facilitator, Kyle

She first qualified in natural therapies in 2014, & still practices today.
The Part time facilitator, Katiana, owner of KatfitSA

She first qualified as massage practitioner in 2015, & still practices today.
The Sports Therapy Specific  Part time Facilitator, Nina,  MD of Manawa Massage,

She is the SA Strongman therapist,  she qualified in 2014
Owner of The Massage Guru, James

He focuses on spiritual/energy & physical upliftment through touch, qualified in 2015
Director of Lymphatica, Bianca Botha

The leading MLD practice in SA & leading business woman of the year 2019, qualified in 2016

 Do NOT fall for FAKE ASSOCIATIONS/INSTITUTIONS/COUNCILS/ ACCREDITATIONS that have no connection with or who are not known by other regulatory bodies. should anything go wrong and you are a member that signed and are associated with them, you automatically become liable and an accessory and accomplice to what ever they do wrong. If they are fraudulent, you will be charged with fraud when they are brought to book by other regulators and the regulator of associations.  We don't want to see fellow healing practitioners (Therapists) get stuck in that trap. We are all in this to help others.


Balancingtouch Accredited Facilitator, Fitness instructor, Massage Specialist, NLP & Life coach Practitioner.

9 Qualifications
5 years exp


City & Guild Accredited Assessor, International Lecturer,  Therapy/Spa Management, Naturopathy & Touch Healer

18 Qualifications
8 years exp