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Welcome to the amazing world of massage therapy. This could be one of the most fulfilling and satisfying journeys in your life. With the right guidance and proper training received at Balancingtouch, you will soon be recognised as an outstanding massage therapist with impeccable massage standards and unrivalled talent that surpasses the average therapist out there.    

All of us at Balancingtouch remember the day that we first started learning our profession, we remember the feeling of taking the first step and sitting in our first class, the excitement, the nervousness, the amazing sense of wonder as we realised our capabilities and saw the wonderful effect we could have on others, and the powerful feelings of achievement when we received our first qualification.

We of all people as therapists and as a training institution understand completely that it is in the beginning stages of correct learning and guidance, that pave the way to success and fulfilment as a professional in the field and we are here to guide you every step of the way. We will be there when you receive your first client and start to grow your practice. We will even be there to offer assistance years after you have established yourself as a world class professional. This is our commitment to you.

People say you have a wonderful touch

  • You feel the need to help ease pain in others

  • You feel the need to connect with others in a pure light

  • Working on others gives you a sense of peace

  • You have a feeling that there is more to life and more to you

  • There is a strong interest and curiosity into natural healing and alternative therapy

  • You can visualise laying hands on someone to bring them comfort 

The skill will come to you with the right guidance and proper training from the right people here at Balancingtouch. Massage is extremely natural, we are all born with the ability to feel empathy, have compassion and to massage, it just takes the right training to bring it out of you so that you will be the best therapist you can be.


It is easy to become Certified in any level entry foundation course (I.e. Swedish Massage). You will need a certificate of formal training from a reputable  Accredited institution that is accredited or endorsed to train you, regardless of what accreditation they claim to have. (Get Codes) . Once you have got this, you can practice massage professionally and start to touch lives and make a great living .  Here is a quick checklist of what a school should have:

  • The school should be an accredited school and be endorsed and accredited to train you (Ask for Codes at the venue)
  • The courses should contain SAQA Unit Standards and or International Unit Standards 
  • The lecturer should be highly experienced, highly qualified and must be Accredited (Ask for Lectures Accreditation/qualifications)
  • The academy should be a professionally set up learning environment, an accredited venue and be welcoming for a visit at any time.

With Balancingtouch, you are covered.  Once you have done your training with us, you can start working immediately, you may even start your own business. 

If you want to work overseas, you can do so legally with our international accreditation options.  With our courses and the way we teach, you will be properly educated in real customer care, ethical practice, marketing your skill and will be taught the very best techniques that makes a massage brilliant and prevent the injury of your hands (That is exclusive to Balancingtouch). Once you complete your basics with us you will have a concrete foundations  for you to further develop your skills into more specialised forms of massage to help more people and cater to greater demands. Swedish massage is the official starting point internationally, but we also have other courses that don't require previous massage training:

see Aromatherapy

see Balinese Scalp Massage

see Reflexology

see Lomi-lomi Nui

Please do have a look at our specials, we have carefully put together packages  for starting off that include all the equipment you need, and courses that place us, Massage Practitioners on a very high level, see specials here


Starting off in our classrooms, you initially do not need anything in your training. When you start learning, the classroom will be fully equipped with Massage beds, Oils and everything else you need during the training.  All you need for the classes is you, your hands, a pen, a towel or two, and your positivity to have the time of your life. However, there are items that every therapist should have in order to give professional massage treatments.  These Items are the tools of the trade and will be the best investment you could make as a therapist and will serve you in this beautiful venture. Any equipment you get for massage must be high quality. This does not need to be expensive at all. We will give you expert advice and guidance based on our years of personal experience as therapists, to ensure that you make the best choices that will take you far and save you in the long run. REMEMBER.... Massage therapy costs less than 30% of your earnings to run (Equipment included) Therapists enjoy up to 300% profit.

To start your own practice, you will need the following:



The world of massage therapy has many avenues and many approaches, they are all branches of the same tree and different individuals are more drawn to certain areas of interest. Some feel the need to be more medical and corrective in their approach to touch therapies, and some are more drawn to a holistic approach where balance and healing take place through intuition and deeper insight into mind, body soul/emotional balance. Some have been able to encompass all elements to help more people and meet the specific needs of their clients at the end of the day, they are equally as effective and each have a very important part to play.

Some of our students have been undecided as this is all new, and that's okay. We have been able to help them with wisdom and experience. We understand that each person is different and unique and so is their direction. We will work with you and recognise your abilities and strengths and help guide you in the best direction that suits you most, you will have the support every step of the way so that you may have the most fulfilling and rewarding outcome and journey. If you are undecided, Please come and visit us, we would love to help you and give you all the information you need. If you would prefer to call us or email us, our professional and diligent staff are passionate and want to help you.  

  • Massage Table (Preferably portable)

  • Towels (x3 Bath Sheets and  x2 Bath Towels)

  • High quality massage Oils (not that cheap sunflower oil)

  • Certification/Qualification 

  • Your smile and passion










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