Massage Courses in Gauteng and Western Cape

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What's in Demand

Mental and Emotional wellness

Absolutely Yes! Individuals are craving meaningful, safe connections with people who genuinely care, and each person is overcoming stress from the past few years and recognising the power of the absolute necessity of safe physical contact to eliminate depression and fear.

Massage therapy and reflexology directly improve the endocrine (hormone) levels (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins and lower adrenaline, cortisol, and inflammation-producing and stress-producing hormones) and balance the brain and nervous system, lifting people out of depression, anxiety and insomnia and giving then a powerful sense of peace, balance, sound mindedness, inspiration and clarity.

What Clients Expect

Knowing clients is the most essential aspect of having a massage therapy business.

Most establishments have lost touch with massage therapy clients, what they need, what they expect, what they look for and what they will avoid.

  1. Clients seek professional massage therapists with the skills to deliver results in their weekly routines and health maintenance regime.
  2. Clients avoid therapists that only have online training and see them as chance-takers due to the terrible experiences this standard of education produces.
  3. Clients want to feel they are in the hands of someone they can trust with professional, accredited, hands-on training.
  4. Clients will recommend and respect you if you are professional and conduct yourself according to massage therapy's best practices.
  5. Clients are happy to pay and rebook with you when you are confident in your practical skills, and your mannerisms reflect those with experience and excellent customer care.
  6. Clients respond differently to massage than to other services I,e. Personal training. They allow you into their personal space and expect you to be fully trained by a professional trainer who has covered all components.
  7. Clients in massage will always express deep gratitude and show you amazing loyalty, and you will see the best side of each life you touch when you have chosen to study the correct way for your and your clients' benefit.

Is There Demand

The Top Courses

When choosing to study, it is vitally important to consider a few points.

You want to ensure that what you study covers all the criteria you need to be effective, impactful, skilful, competent and in demand.

The courses we teach are the most popular and are in great demand because they give every individual exactly what they need to meet the demands and needs of clients, what the industry leaders require, and what successful professionals practice. And most importantly, meet all the criteria you need to perform massage successfully.

  • Swedish Massage (Internationally Accredited. covers everything you need & more)
  • Remedial Sports Massage (Pro sports massage that actually works, preferred over all other sports massage)
  • Reflexology (Authentic, Internationally accredited, that covers true origins and precise application for healing.
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (extremely gentle, rapid results for fluid, CM & weight loss and immune support
  • Hot Stone Massage (level 3 hot & cold stone thermal therapy, the exact therapy found in top spas worldwide.

The hands-on training is impeccable and outshines other courses out there, making it the top choice for people wanting to learn authentic massage. The results speak for themselves.

Gym & Fitness

There has never been a greater need for proper Remedial Sports massage. Athletes are fed up with painful, ineffective and unprofessional "sports massage therapists". Athletes and gym goers have realised the importance of body maintenance and remedial massage to enhance performance, prevent injury, and treat and eliminate old injuries.

The average remedial sports massage therapist we have trained generates up to R42k per month because of the demand.

Countless Biokineticists, coaches, fitness instructors and sports scientists study remedial sports massage at BT and all reputable professionals recommend RSM massage to the growing fitness crowd that multiplies annually.

When starting out in massage therapy and the wellness industry, we are often unaware of a few things that play an essential factor. Too often, we make decisions without knowing what to consider or miss important factors due to insufficient insight and lack of sound guidance.

So here is some insight from those who have been in the industry for decades in South Africa and abroad with some sound guidance and the common sense that comes with experience. So that you can make the decision that works best for you