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Balancingtouch Massage and Reflexology Training Institute is a Registered and Accredited Therapy Training Provider by The Guild (The Leading Global Professional Industry Body).

The power of studying through this internationally registered school shows that your training and qualifications, on a world standard, are appropriately regulated (hold solid backing and cover all the up-to-date criteria for safe and successful Practice) for the greater good of clients, our industry and most importantly, for you.

Your Accredited Hands-on training with an internationally accredited learning centre places you on par and above the standards needed in SA,  where no one can question or reject your credibility, skills, or work. 

When you enrol, you can have your name and qualification recorded on an international database of Practitioners, and you can proudly call yourself a Member of the International Guild of Holistic Therapists.



With Balancingtouch, you can become a Registered Holistic Therapist when you enrol with us. On request, we will register you with The Guild. Balancingtouch is an Accredited training provider through The Guild and is the registrar for The Guild of Holistic Therapists.

Being accredited by International Industry regulators, we must ensure that all who study massage therapy online do not qualify to do massage therapy.  Professional bodies believe that people who practice with only online training cannot be trusted. Massage therapy is a highly skilled hands-on trade requiring hands-on Accredited training and one-on-one guidance.

See more about what the experts say about ONLINE accredited training in massage.

Your Instructors are accredited members of The Guild of Therapy Lecturers that teach you with an absolute commitment to professional industry regulation requirements and standards (not just what works for them) that guarantee that you follow industry and professional guidelines that bring safety, growth, success, opportunity and abundance.

Furthermore, Balancingtouch is fully accredited and endorsed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) under ETDP-SETA to facilitate all of their professional courses, including South African Unit Standards and International Unit Standards. They are granted the legal code 57223  ETDP ) to train and facilitate participants to NQF Standards.  


Even though you are recognised internationally with your Balancingtouch certificate, once registered, you will be accredited Internationally and accepted faster overseas than without it.  Immediately, should you move abroad, you could start working without legal restrictions and find it easier to find work with your certificates. Furthermore, you automatically qualify for professional insurance coverage in most countries for a massage once registered through our accreditation board. You can also access other online courses through The Guild of Therapists once you have registered through Balancingtouch. There are also many different career options for you. 

Once Registered, a whole world of options opens up to you, literally. Firstly, you can work with even more pride and surety with your qualifications. South Africa will be shown the fantastic world standards you work with and will respect your work even more. International clients familiar with the global best practices and standards they get back in their own country will recognise and admire the levels from Balancingtouch. They would know the accreditation body you are registered with, naturally booking with you when they are in town. 


Remember that Balancingtouch is an Internationally registered and Accredited training Institute. Courses are accredited and registered globally, and Accredited therapy lecturers train you. 
In SA, we may register you internationally only with your request and consent. International course registration with The Guild is done in addition to your enrolment.  The registered courses are identical to the standard courses in the Balancingtouch syllabus but with a few minor additions to the registration process and adjustments to the submission procedures of your work. We have made it easy for you to ensure your most essential Qualifications (foundation and highest demand) are registered and accredited through the Guild so that you can be an international member of The Guild of Holistic Therapists, where you become a registered international Therapist.

  • Swedish Massage (Accredited Full Body Therapy)
  • Reflexology (Accredited Registered foot Reflexology)
  • Hot Stone Massage (Accredited Hot Stone Therapy)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (Accredited Higher level)

Our courses at Balancingtouch are recognised worldwide for adding massive value to skills in our industry in SA and abroad. The following courses from Balancingtouch is recognised and accepted and accompanied by accredited foundation courses, certification and education advancements and expanded scopes of practice. 

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
  • Soft tissue & Remedial Massage Therapy (Remedial Sports Massage)
  • Cupping Therapy Massage (Cupping)
  • Bamboo Fascial Therapy (Sports Bamboo Massage)
  • Lomi-Lomi
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • and more...

Your Balancingtouch certification is perfectly adequate, and being trained by us proves that you have met all global requirements and is sure validation that international best practices are up to date and in place and that the appointed and approved hands-on training was done to satisfy all regulations and criteria that place you in the professional field of massage therapy.


No, but certification in hands-on training is vital.

Students from Balancingtouch and Certified Practitioners who studied through us also do not need to become a member of the Allied Health Council. Becoming registered with an association or council is not a legal obligation.

South Africa has no regulatory board for natural touch therapy; only medical-based treatments such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and medically therapeutic registered therapies require a Practice number. These associations in SA are not Governing Bodies or industry regulators in massage therapy. Still, councils for the medically therapeutic field are outside of natural, preventative, wellness, recreational, sports enhancing, holistic, non-acute, non-drug related naturopathic touch therapies. Our students or Certified Practitioners will not be fined, face legal action or be convicted for practising touch therapies.

The students who study through us and have been qualified through us have the legal and international title of Reflexology Practitioner or Remedial Massage Practitioner and are legally allowed to practice what they have learned.
The Medical field does not govern Balancingtouch qualifications and certification, and they are similar to what is attainable through the Allied Health schools but are not the same. We use international Unit standards and accreditation with Accredited hands-on training through Guild of Therapy Lecturers members. We focus on natural and holistic health with the deeper emotional factors influencing health.

However, all students from Balancingtouch may not use the title of Therapeutic Reflexologist or Therapeutic Massage Therapist as these Titles belong to and can only be gained through full-time studies at Allied health programs. These specific qualifications and the people who hold them are controlled and regulated by the Medical/Pharmaceutical boards that severely restrict the general massage therapy industry, as massage therapy outside conventional allopathic acute medical practices falls outside their scope of practice.

Be aware that some "associations" are self-proclaimed groups that hold no standards and do not meet the basic criteria or requirements of massage therapy best practices and were formed to look legitimate, exclusively to take advantage of the uninformed therapist for financial gain. 

It does not put you on a more advantageous level or make you more sought after; quite the contrary.
Therapists trained with us can register with other councils like EPASA to apply for emergency services certificates to work during lockdowns. (Should anyone submit to such tyrannical schemes again).

Balancingtouch courses are registered through The Guild of Holistic Therapies and are Guild Training International Accredited. This ensures that your Education with us is nationally recognised and internationally accredited. Once qualified at Balancingtouch, you will be reputable, respected and successful because each course is structured and taught to world standards that surpass any South African or online course.

giving you tremendous success in SA and opportunities abroad.