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If you have completed an online course somewhere, please feel free to reach out to us. We will happily assess you and want to give you guidance and give you professional advice that you never got so that you can get the most out of your decision to study massage.

We have re-trained so many wonderful people that are now confident, competent and grateful. 

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  • 5 Course Special (Free Bed)
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What are our most popular courses/combos? What are clients looking for when they go for a massage? What does the industry expect from massage professionals? And is there a need for massage?   

With Balancingtouch, you can become a Registered Holistic Therapist when you enrol with us. On request, we will register you with The Guild. Balancingtouch is an Accredited training provider through The Guild and are registrars for The Guild of Holistic Therapists.

Your Balancingtouch certification is adequate but being registered internationally does prove that you have met all global requirements and is sure validation and global proof that you have had Accredited hands-on training through a reputable Institution.

Being accredited by International Industry regulators, We are obligated to ensure that all who choose to study massage therapy that ONLINE massage courses do not qualify to do massage therapy.

Professional bodies believe that people who practice with only online training cannot be trusted. Massage therapy is a highly skilled hands-on trade requiring hands-on Accredited training and one-on-one guidance.

Doing an online theory course in anatomy, physiology, business skills, and marketing is ok. Even doing a webinar or an online workshop to sharpen your skill, i.e., " learning how to use your hot stones differently,"... is alright and fun.

But to learn how to perform any/all forms of massage therapy with a physical person or learn a new technique or skill in massage therapy online is forbidden by industry regulators and global bodies.


We strongly advise those who have done online training to re-do their course through accredited hands-on therapy lecturers at an internationally accredited training provider (not an online accredited course provider).
See what the experts have to say about online accredited training. here

We have put together properly thought-out packages to give you everything you need to excel and exceed client expectations. Select packages include a FREE bed, oils, and course combos at lower rates. 

Whether you are starting in massage for the first time or if you are qualified and want to enhance your skills truly, you are at the right place.

Our courses offer true enjoyment of the learning process, and we guarantee our continual support and guidance from the second you begin till after qualification. We will always be there to assist you.

  • With your courses, all your equipment is provided for classes.
  • You are given Expert one-on-one guidance and personal focus that brings out your best.
  • Over and above the vital hands-on training in class, you gain exclusive access to Practical Videos to assist you.
  • We give you all the guidance you need 24/7 outside of class, after your course, and as you start seeing paying clients.
  • You can access refresher courses after certification to stay updated for free.
  • Once qualified, you gain the opportunity to join Balancingtouch at events.
  • We put you forward for exclusive working opportunities in SA and abroad when they arise.

Please use our fast menus below and contact us if you need guidance. Our friendly and diligent staff will help you make the most informed decision.

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Our Courses

If you are new to massage...

Don't worry, we have you covered. We will guide you every step of the way so that you feel secure and confident and enjoy the process from the second you begin.

Getting Started

Massage Courses in Gauteng and Western Cape

  • All of our training is done at the academies, either Part-Time for better flexibility in adult life, over weekends in our scheduled courses, or during weekdays with our full-time schedule if you want to get things done faster.

  • All of our courses are facilitated with South African Qualification Authority qualifications, and our courses are Accredited internationally, so you can legally practice massage through us!

  • Our lecturers are the best in their field, practice what they preach, and are Accredited to pass on the knowledge they use as successful therapists.

  • When you qualify, your certificate indicates your course's National and International Codes and states the skills you have obtained. You will have peace of mind, and everyone can trust your ability.