Massage Courses in Gauteng and Western Cape

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We seek to instil in participants the highest quality of in-demand skills, result-driven techniques, necessary vocational skills, confidence, safety and responsible leadership in the massage and natural health industry to ensure true success as therapists and as entrepreneurs in the professional massage and spa industry. We are committed to offering the most relevant training at the most cost-effective prices so that the participants do not have to pay more than necessary and that the courses pay themselves back faster, allowing therapists to grow and develop themselves.  


Balancingtouch Massage and Reflexology Training Institute is committed to inspiring participants to achieve the highest industry standards of adult-based education and relevant skill development through our skills development programs and training modules, which are participant-centred and industry-relevant.

We provide professional and specialised training aimed at producing certificated and accredited graduates in the Massage Therapy disciplines. Our service is provided by experienced and accredited professionals who provide the industry regulator-required Hands-On practical Masterclasses structured as short courses. Our primary focus is on practical courses available in Pretoria and Somerset West. Our other division provides professional training and education in spa establishments, lodges, wellness centres, and universities. We are committed to producing professionally qualified graduates certified and accredited by international authorities and recognised nationally.


We constantly strive to enhance the professional recognition and incorporation of competent Therapists as an integral part of a holistic Health care service across all disciplines. Our persistent pursuit of professional certification and accreditation aims to ultimately inculcate the essential need for massage therapists as part of preventative and complementary health treatments in the health system, sporting arena, personal development, mental health field, and spiritual & personal wellness.

Our Mission and Vision Statement