Massage Courses in Gauteng and Western Cape

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Guaranteed Professional Guidance

We remain with you as a solid point of guidance in everything therapy-related, give you sound business advice, and will help you along your path to incredible success.

With Balancingtouch, you can contact us anytime for expert guidance and advice. As highly experienced therapists and top professionals in the field who are accredited to teach you, we know that post-course support in massage therapy is beneficial and necessary to make each moment of growth smooth and enjoyable.

Step 3. Enjoy

Arrive at Balancingtouch for your course and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee,

Your facilitator will welcome you and walk with you every step of the way. Before you know it, you will be confident, qualified and ready for this new chapter.

Once enrolled, we secure your space in all the courses you have chosen so that you don't miss out. Balancingtouch is a first come, first serve. Balancingtouch keeps classes limited to a few to ensure you receive the quality, dedicated focus and personalised guidance you need to turn your goals and dreams into a reality.  If you want to be registered internationally, we will register you with the International Guild of Holistic Therapists for the fundamental courses.

How to Enrol

Step 1. Enquire

Please pick up the phone and give us a call or email.

Our friendly and Professional staff will give you expert advice and offer direction and guidance to help you choose the right course to achieve your goals.

It is so easy to be where you want to be. Balancingtouch is the establishment that has proven to give you precisely what you need to grow and achieve incredible success beyond your imagination.

Taking this first small step is exciting. Making this choice is followed by the incredible feeling of security and elevation because you have chosen a journey with the guidance of caring and dedicated people, living examples of the fulfilment, surety and success this choice brings.

Balancingtouch understands that your calling must be nurtured and looked after to develop into its fullest potential and has exactly what it takes to give you this.

We can't wait to personally welcome you to professional massage therapy, and we are excited to see your success.

Step 2. Enrol

Once you have decided what will work best for you, request our enrolment form.

Fill out the form, and we will book your space and get everything you need ready for this new, exciting journey.

Exclusive Video Support

After we have welcomed you to the Balancingtouch Family, we immediately register, secure and prepare your course material and equipment.

During your course, you are added to our exclusive groups where you have community support, therapy support and media support.

You will gain exclusive access to videos of the high-quality, practical, hands-on training you only get from Balancingtouch to assist you in learning.

Beautiful Testimonial from Adi Bansi (2022 Student 9 courses)

Balancingtouch, a home away from home. A short escape from the outside world, and I felt with a full heart of gratitude.

I completed my Massage Specialist course at Balancingtouch in 2022 and cannot express enough gratitude toward our facilitators, Devin and Kyle. Their expertise, patience and passion for massage therapy were evident from the very beginning, and they made the learning process a truly enriching experience.

Throughout the course, Devin and Kyle constantly provided personalise attention and guidance to each student, helping us develop our skills and confidence in our abilities. Their teaching methods were innovative and hands-on, ensuring that we received a comprehensive understanding of massage techniques, anatomy and physiology. They were always available to answer questions, offer guidance and provide feedback on our progress. They truly care about each student's success and push us to be the best massage practitioners we can be.

Balancingtouch emphasises the importance of compassionate touch and connecting with clients on a deeper level. I learned so much from them in terms of how to create a comfortable, safe, and healing environment for my clients.

I also discovered so much about myself through the deep breathing exercises and mindfulness we practised. I unearthed new levels of self-awareness and gained confidence in my abilities to provide care and comfort to others. It was a transformative experience that left me feeling both empowered and at peace.

Thanks to exceptional guidance, mentorship and unwavering love from Devin and Kyle, my experience at balancingtouch was a beautiful journey. I feel confident and well-prepared as I embark on a career in massage therapy.

I wholeheartedly recommend Balancingtouch to anyone seeking a thorough and fulfilling education in massage therapy.

Adi Bansi

Massage Specialist