Massage Courses in Gauteng and Western Cape

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Balancingtouch sets the course schedules to guarantee you get the best when you book and enrol for your course.

Each course is presented by our Top Accredited therapy lecturers who are experts in the field with years of Professional experience in the chosen modality you have enrolled for.

Booking is essential to avoid losing your space in these limited classes.

The classes are kept smaller to ensure that when you attend your course, you are given the focus and personalised guidance you need to maximise your time with your trainer for the best results.

We are dedicated to giving you that personalised experience in your classes. We tailor highly skilled training methods to help you, as an individual, attain true success in your unique goals with the incredible techniques, professional skills and quality you chose us for.

Somerset West Academy Adress

In 2018, Balancingtouch opened the Somerset West Academy with incredible success.

It's a true privilege to train incredible, welcoming, holistically minded individuals who know what they want and resonate perfectly with the high level of quality education in the specialised healing therapies from Balancingtouch.

Seeing individuals who study through us exceed the expectations of their clients is even more rewarding.

Balancingtouch Academy Adress:

104 Helderzicht Road

Morningside, Somerset West

Cape town

South Africa

You can secure your space for Specialised and Professional Master Courses all year round. However, Spaces are limited, and enrollment is essential.

Courses are presented with expert hands-on training during the last week of every second/third month of the year. 

February, April, June, August, and October

(Dates may vary slightly depending on schedules).

Balancingtouch Western Cape Academy