NDAQ number: H/601/4454

(international UK/EU)
SAQA US ID: 377487

Advanced Hot Stone Massage

(Using hot and cooled stones to produce excellent results with an unrivalled sequence). Must have a Swedish massage certificate.







This unique Hot Stone Massage course uses heated and cool stones in a full-body massage. The treatment incorporates massaging with the hands and stones in a modest fashion that lasts 50 to 75 minutes and is unrivalled by any other hot stone massage treatment.
One stroke with the heated stone is equivalent to 10 deep petrissage strokes with the hand, making the hot stone ten times more effective than the basic Swedish or holistic massage. 

Balancing Stone is no ordinary hot stone massage. The massage is a perfect fusion of manual lymph drainage, advanced sports massage and geothermal therapy, making it far superior to any other hot stone massage course available on the market.

This course is necessary for physiotherapists and therapists who have done a beginner, basic massage, or hot stone course.
Using the skills acquired in this course in conjunction with other massage treatments will not only improve your reputability and increase your bookings but also truly bring the most benefit to your clients and take care of their interests and specific needs.

DURATION:          Three days
                                     10 HOT STONES / 2 COLD STONES (heater not included)
                                      LIGHT REFRESHMENTS

REQUIREMENT:  Basic Swedish/Holistic Massage Certificate


- Fluid retention
- Sports injuries, shin splints, strains, scar tissue
- Osteoarthritis
- Stiffness and tightness (acute or chronic)
- Endocrine/hormonal imbalances and stress-related conditions
- Detoxification and weight loss

- Deliver more powerful results in a shorter amount of time
- Earn 25% more per treatment than other treatments
- Perform a hot stone massage that clients will prefer to the mainstream hot stone massage
- Perform more treatment with less risk of injury on the hands
- Treat more areas of concern in 1 session than in advanced massage

Student Testimonial

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Massage Courses in Gauteng and Western Cape

 "I had no clue that hot stone massage could do so much for a client, I received a hot stone massage from a friend  who studied at another massage academy. as much as I love her, her treatment felt very unstructured and she struggled with the stones. At Balancingtouch, I learned how to manage the stones properly, to Not burn the client, and deliver a sequence that is so effective and deeply relaxing. My friend has decided to go through Balancingtouch to learn how to do it properly. she deserves to know better."

" At first I believed and really thought that Hot stone was a fu fu massage that was all about the look and relaxation, I was amazed to learn how interesting and useful the treatment is. My clients absolutely love the treatment and rave about it every time I work on them, some of them even say that they have never felt hot stone massage like that before. Thank you Balancingtouch. One of my favourite courses so far."

" As a physiotherapist, I was amazed to see how effective this treatment is in releasing the fascia and tightened ligaments. It is even more effective that most of the  equipment in my practice. I am also finding that my patients are requesting more Hot stone therapy than just physio. I'm surprised we didn’t learn this in our years of studying."