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Student Testimonials

“After being a massage practitioner for more than a decade and always bringing the holistic approach into my treatments, I have never given a more powerful, holistic and meaningful treatment than Lomi-lomi.”

“Learning Lomi-lomi ka Huna massage has given me such freedom to work with pure intention and natural intuition. The empathetic connection between the clients and me in the treatment has been so profound. There is such a power behind working with this knowledge and intention that has echoed into every treatment I do!”

“This is definitely not one of those discounted fly by night Lomi-lomi courses that are offered by some massage academies, this is more than just a sequence and there is a real depth to the theory and the technique.”  



Lomi Temple style

Huna Wisdom

KaHuna Healing

Lomi-Lomi Nui (Hawaiian Massage)

Authentic Hawaiian massage, massage journey to the stars.







Aloha!!! Lomi-lomi, or Hawaiian massage, is an ancient Hawaiian healing art that dates back millennia. This powerful massage embodies the human heart, body and mind and brings the most profound peace and tranquillity to all levels of a human being. In the Balancingtouch Lomi-lomi course, we teach you to deliver one of the most amazing treatments known to the massage world. We give you the true essence and principles of Hawaiian massage and the purest, most authentic Lomi-Lomi techniques that have often been lost through cheap imitations taught by inexperienced facilitators, fly-by-night academies or that have been adapted into spa-based treatment. 

Lomi-Lomi is like no other massage you or your clients will experience. The head-to-toe continuous rhythmic touch will assist the body with its natural balance of kinetic energy flow. The free-flowing energy gently aligns the whole being with higher healing vibrations where negative or imbalanced energy (illness and stress) cannot exist. This leaves one feeling peaceful, uplifted, rejuvenated and inspired. In the session, the body releases tension and negative patterns (neurological and psychological) in the body's physical, mental and emotional planes.

Working with the temple of the soul (the body) with breath, awareness and loving intention creates a sacred space for the deep release and healing from anything holding us back from experiencing and expressing the truest essence of who we are. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or what you do. If you do this massage with the basic principles of unconditional love, the spirit of aloha, respect, honour and sacredness, the effects will always be the same.

DURATION:           Four days
INCLUDES:             LOMI OIL 
                                       LIGHT REFRESHMENTS

Previous massage experience is recommended.


-          The history of Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage
-          The Hawaiian massage elements
-          The 7 principals of Huna
-          The four minds
-          The 3 selves
-          The intention of Lomi-Lomi
-          The powerful flowing techniques of Lomi-Lomi
-          How to deliver the Lomi-Lomi


-          Incorporate Lomi-lomi into all aspects of touch therapy
-          Develop the techniques that give excellent results
-          Help your client on more than just the physical level
-          Work with the purest of intentions
-          Help clients overcome deep emotional traumas
-          Help clients move forward with peace and love
-          Connect with yourself and your clients on a deep level
-          Transform the way you see the world and your clients