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 "I have been facing clients with back pain and sciatica ranging from mild to debilitating that I never knew how to treat. This course that Balancingtouch presents has completely transformed the way I work and approach my clients and I have been able to do more than what I have ever imagined. I have had clients say that i have cured them completely where medication, physio, chiro and surgery has failed. I was so impressed by this course that I ended up completing the Remedial Massage course, Rungu Massage course and the MLD. Each course at Balancingtouch  teaches you new skills that you never thought were possible in massage. I have been amazed with each class and what Devin has to share. I cannot wait for the next course!"

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​Lower Back Care Clinic

(The most advanced techniques to treat lower back and body pain). Must have strong massage experience.







This workshop contains highly specialised stretches and massage movements on the lower back, trunk, hips, sciatic area, quads and hamstrings that greatly treat lower back pain, sciatica, hip misalignment and core pains. These skills and techniques have taken years to master and were learned through years of hands-on experience and education internationally. You will not learn these techniques anywhere but Balancingtouch  at the Lower Back Care Clinic © 

DURATION:          One intensive day
INCLUDES:           Manual
                                     Sports Aromatherapy blend
                                     Light Snacks and Refreshments

REQUIREMENTS       Basic Swedish/Holistic Massage Certificate.Remedial Sports Massage


-          Different concerns and muscle injuries in the Lower Body
-          The causes of common injuries and pains in the Lower back, Legs and core 
-          Advanced remedial techniques to treat complex issues our clients face
-          Specific Treatment plans to fix and eliminate pain and stiffness in the lower back and sciatic
-          Aftercare advice for your clients
-          How to schedule the right number of treatments to help your clients


-          Successfully treat almost all clients you work on
-          Deliver lasting and effective results
-          Receive continual referrals from satisfied clients
-          Create continual support and bookings from existing clients
-          Create a reputable name for yourself
-          Generate more income from your skills
-          Be one of the leaders in the field of massage
-          Work confidently with peace of mind and assurance





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