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Massage Courses in Gauteng and Western Cape

Student Testimonial

“It gave me peace of mind and confidence after I had received my pregnancy massage certificate. I can now work with assurance that I can work on any pregnant woman and give them the benefits.”

“Having gone through pregnancy and having had pregnancy massage, I can definitely say that it eased the physical stresses associated with carrying. I had peace of mind knowing that the therapists had experience and knew how to work with me. There are many people that say they know pregnancy massage but actually don’t.”.

Elements of:

SAQA US ID 262419
Dr. Leboyer method

Pregnancy Massage 

PREGNANCY MASSAGE (Work on pregnant clients with safety and care) Must Have Swedish Massage 






Pregnancy massage is one of the most special and beneficial treatments for expecting mommies. The Balancing touch Pregnancy massage teaches you the correct way of working on a pregnant woman to bring about the best possible responses without endangering or harming the mom or baby. We emphasise what areas you should never work in, what oils you should never use, and how to drape and position your pregnant client professionally. This course enables you to work safely with confidence and care.

DURATION:            Two days
INCLUDES:             MANUAL
                                       PREGNANCY OIL 200ML
                                       LIGHT REFRESHMENTS

REQUIREMENT     Basic Swedish/Holistic Massage Certificate


-          The do`s and don’ts of pregnancy massage
-          Indications and contra-indications
-          Points to be avoided on an expecting mother
-          The anatomy and nutritional needs of an expecting mother
-          Correct use of massage oil and pregnancy
-          Correct draping for pregnancy massage
-          How to prepare for the treatment
-          How to prepare the pregnant client
-          How to safely perform pregnancy massage


-          Professionally receive a pregnant client
-          Relieve many of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy
-          Promote flexibility and comfort for expecting mothers
-          Promote much-needed deep relaxation and peace of mind
-          Work with confidence and peace of mind
-          Make your client feel at ease and respected
-          Tap into a market that needs and appreciates correct, safe and effective massage