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HLT 50307- AU
NVQ (UK) RM2-E1-3
SAQA US ID 262447

Remedial Sports Massage

Highly advanced massage skills aimed at correction and prevention in the musculature (Must have Swedish massage)

​Remedial Sports massage (advanced massage) is the last massage phase before physiotherapy. It is a group of scientifically proven, physiologically rehabilitative movements that can be implemented into any massage sequence to treat minor soft tissue (muscle) injuries. It is recommended for athletes, competitors and people in the fine arts.

These highly specialised techniques require great skill and knowledge to perform them. These techniques are brilliant for athletes as they will eliminate problems in the muscular system, but more importantly, they will prevent injury from occurring and enhance their performance in sports. The techniques are not exclusively for athletes; they can be used on anyone.

The essence of sports massage is to correct postural imbalances, ensure correct muscle function, formulate treatment plans unique to the individual client and prevent possible future injuries or problems.
This massage discipline is perfect for you if you are more than the average spa therapist and want to achieve real results for your clients. It is a must if you deal with athletes, gym and fitness fanatics, gymnasts, professional dancers, high-tension clients, and clients with muscular concerns that tend to return.

At Balancingtouch, our emphasis is on the techniques. Each week, we master these powerful techniques in a way that is easy to understand and follow and that you will never forget. To get the most out of these techniques, Balancingtouch will teach you deep tissue (focusing on the fascial system), where you can use these specialised techniques masterfully on every muscle of the body correctly.

DURATION        Six days
INCLUDES:        Remedial Sports Massage Manual
                                  Aromatherapy Massage Oil
                                  Light Snacks and Refreshments

REQUIREMENT:  Basic Swedish/Holistic Massage Certificate or other muscular/physio/personal trainer-based knowledge



-          Posture and postural assessment
-          Muscle Injuries, conditions and causes
-          Deep tissue and fascial release
-          Client assessment and effective consultation
-          Treatment planning and record keeping
-          Working alongside other Health care professionals
-          Remedial Massage techniques (NMT, MET, STR, CTM, SCS)



-          Professionally receive any client and work towards a goal
-          Relieve almost all muscular pains and imbalances
-          Deliver results faster and more effectively where you thought it impossible
-          Create weekly clients that boost your business ethically
-          Work with confidence and peace of mind
-          Be a higher quality therapist who can do more than other sports therapists
-          Maintain, treat and prevent injury in dancers, athletes, and high-stress clients






“I had studied Sports massage with my sport sciences degree and I can honesty tell you that this course has given me more skill and knowledge in one class with Balancingtouch compared to what I learned in my course at university.”  

“ I had just completed an Advanced Sports massage course at another school in Joburg but I really struggled and found the treatment procedure I learned there was ineffective and not worth my time or money. I chose to re do sports massage at Balancingtouch and I must say that this is what I expected to learn the first time round. My clients are happier and the results are phenomenal. I didn't realize how effective Remedial Sports massage could be and I am so glad I did this. just wish I knew about you guys sooner!”

“What I loved most about this course at Balancingtouch, was the guidance and support I got from the lecture. There was a lot of information and I thought I wouldn’t cope with but it all came together and now I know I can really help my client. Thank you Balancingtouch.”