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HLT 50207 (aus/oriental

Shiatsu Massage 

(Japanese Pressure point  and meridian work in Western massage) 







The Balancingtouch method or approach to Shiatsu Massage is essentially Shiatsu performed in a full body massage session that adopts aromatherapy and the harnessed power of direct contact with skin, compassion and intuition using an oil medium. One cannot learn a skill like this with correspondence learning. You need hands-on training because of the risks.

The shiatsu aspect of this treatment respectfully takes authentic components of I`shiatsu and anma, guided intuition with knowledge of Ki (pronounced key in Japanese), Yin and yang, and the attributes of 5 walks/moves (known as the 5 elements) and the meridian system.

This module contains traditional massage techniques like Effleurage, Petrissage, Kneading and vibratory massage movements with the inclusion of Japanese shiatsu techniques like push-pull(anma), rotations, tonifying, compressions and finger pressure (shiatsu). This discipline also calls on the practitioner to use visualisations and intuitive spontaneity.

In advanced forms of traditional shiatsu, practitioners would learn the individual names and exact location of pressure points (tsubos) and specific treatment for specific concerns. In this module, we do not go as in-depth. We focus on ancient shiatsu philosophy restoring balance to the elements and Ki by implementing "Shindan soku Chiryo", which means "Diagnosis and Therapy Combined". We should understand that diagnosis is based on intuition and feel and is not centred on medical Western concerns but rather on the elements and flow of ki.

Also, we will not be focusing on treating specifics through advanced formulas. We will strive to restore balance in the person as a whole that will naturally restore and remove imbalances by working the whole body and meridian system.

DURATION                                   Five days 
INCLUDES                                    Shiatsu Manual
                                                             Shiatsu Aromatherapy Oil Blend
                                                             Light Refreshments

REQUIREMENTS: A Swedish  massage qualification is recommended 



- The Western explanation of Eastern medicine
- Yin and Yang and the qualities of Ki (life force energy) 
- The Meridian System (Energy lines or Neural pathways)
- The five elements and their qualities
- Balancing the five elements through touch
- Balancing the meridians for health
- Removing energy blockages


- Characterise the difference between Yin and Yang
- Diagnose energy imbalances in the Meridian system 
- Treat pain and discomfort through pressure points
- Help clients detoxify emotional and physical toxins
- Remove stress and anxiety through working meridians and pressure points
- Add a whole new element to your standard massage routine

Student Testimonials

"This course has been a wonderful eye opener, I really believed that shiatsu was a deeply rooted in eastern spiritualism but I was pleased to know that it just has a very different approach to what we see in western medicine. All of the pressure points explain so much that western science does not explain. I can really see a difference in my clients after using shiatsu in my treatments and they always ask me to do some shiatsu because they say it really makes them feel happier after a treatment"

" The approach to health from the Japanese Shiatsu form of healing makes so much more sense than the complex western medicine approach. I did struggle to wrap my head around the 5 elements in Shiatsu at first but by the end of the class it made so much sense to me. I also found that if I worked on one part of the body there was a positive effect on a different area. this is great because I can help relieve my clients shoulder pain without even working on the shoulder. Thank you Devin. This was a really awesome course."

"I enjoyed the Shiatsu Massage class so much at Balancingtouch, The techniques are so awesome and really impressive. I have never felt a treatment like this, nor have I ever seen techniques like this. I find it such a breath of fresh air in comparison to some of the traditional Shiatsu. What's even better is that it is part of a full body massage treatment instead of the Shiatsu over the clothes. It has the same effect but it has that extra element of relaxation that only aromatherapy and massage can give."