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Sports Bamboo Massage

 (Advanced sports massage with equipment) Must have Swedish and Sports massage






Bamboo sports massage is a fusion of advanced sports massage and eastern massage that utilises bamboo chews to work effectively and effortlessly on denser and tense muscles that are usually a struggle to treat and are demanding on the therapist’s hands. The bamboo sticks, heated or at room temperature, elongate and iron out tense and knotted muscles with great ease and efficiency. Incorporating advanced massage allows for the rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries and the effective treatment of severe tension, adhesions, scar tissue and stubborn knots. The use of bamboo in the advanced techniques allows the therapist to work deeply without the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) that most therapists lose their careers to.

Bamboo enhances the therapist’s ability to treat larger clients and athletes, delivering greater results that are not easily achieved in any other treatment.

This treatment has been described as authentic, powerful and effective.

DURATION          Three days
INCLUDES            Manual
                                     Aromatherapy Blend Massage Oil
                                     Bamboo Set (6 Piece set) Authentic Japanese Bamboo Chews (Valued at R890.00)

REQUIREMENTS        Basic Swedish/Holistic Massage Certificate


-          Work safely with specialized massage equipment
-          Different muscle injuries and conditions
-          The nature of Injuries
-          How to perform Advanced Sports massage with massage tools
-          How to perform NMT, STR and MYOFASCIAL RELEASE with Bamboo tools
-          The effect of Bamboo Chews on the muscular system 
-          How to create treatment packages for your client 


-          Break down lactic acid-fast
-          Break down adhesions and muscles rapidly
-          Stretch larger muscle groups effortlessly
-          Increase your income per treatment by 25%
-          Work 10x deeper with minimum effort
-          Perform more treatments with a fraction of your energy
-          Completely eliminate the risk of injuring your hands
-          Become the preferred therapist in athletes 

"This is truly one of the best courses I've learned. I have been doing remedial sports massage for a few years now and I can honestly say that  it can take its toll on my hands. I often set up in my gym and offer treatments to the people I train with. I now bring my bamboo set with me and I am able to perform 8-10 treatments and at the end of the day my hands feel like they have only done 1 massage. I absolutely love this massage and the sticks are beautiful. Thank you Balancingtouch for delivering such a useful course."​

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