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“I have been a therapist for 6 years and I can honestly say that my clients prefer this massage to any other Holistic or Swedish massage they have ever had.”

“I've been in the industry for years now, but after seeing and learning these new techniques, I have realized that there is more to a full body massage than I give credit to. I still can’t believe that we didn't learn this in collage.”

“I did a Holistic massage course through another school a year ago but didn't complete my exam because I was dissatisfied and didn't agree with what I was taught.  I decided to try again  through Balancingtouch because they seemed better than the other place.... I should have come here first, they exceeded my expectation and they actually care. Thank you Balancingtouch!  ”

" I've been going for regular massage for years now and always wanted to learn how to give a massage.
After doing the course with Devin and learning how, I have realized that most therapists don't even do half the stuff I've learned in this course. As a spa client and as a student, this is truly the best massage I have ever had and my new clients agree!" 

Swedish Massage Course

(Advanced Swedish/Holistic full body massage Certificate)


Using the most popular and powerful techniques in massage to deliver a superior massage.

Balancingtouch full body (Advanced Swedish/holistic massage) is a powerful infusion of the most effective and popular massage styles. The treatment was developed over the past 11 years to give you the firmest foundation in massage therapy compared to anywhere else and uses the perfect combination of rhythm, pace and pressure together with techniques that flow seamlessly together to create a powerful experience that leaves clients rebooking and looking forward to their next appointment. The massage has the foundation of Swedish massage (International standards) and includes elements of Manual Lymph Drainage, Hawaiian massage, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and Advanced Sports massage.

Once you complete this course, you will have the best foundation and skills that will allow you to participate in our more popular and advanced courses that will enable you to specialise, cater to more clients and deliver more powerful results. 

DURATION:               Five days
INCLUDES:                Manual
                                          Aromatherapy oil blend
                                          Light snacks and refreshments


-             The history of massage and the origins of Balancing Touch Massage
-             The different massage techniques
-             Indications, contraindications
-             Contra actions (how to work around contraindications)
-             Professional considerations
-             How to prepare the client for  massage
-             How to do an effective consultation
-             How to prepare the treatment room
-             How to treat tension all over the body
-             How to merge Lomi-Lomi, MLD, Reflexology and Sports massage techniques
-             How to end treatment and rebook your client ethically


-             Perform a treatment that clients will prefer over any full-body massage
-             Work effectively on all body types
-             Work with techniques no other therapist knows
-             Use techniques that will save your hands in the long run
-             Treat larger muscle groups with little effort
-             Re-book clients over and over again
-             Eliminate tension and pain without any discomfort to your client


Elements of

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