Our Code of Conduct

What is our code of conduct?

What standards elate  us  and earns us professional respect 

The Centurion Academy (Gauteng/Pretoria)

Balancingtouch in Centurion Pretoria is situated near major routes from Johannesburg and Pretoria. The academy is in a safe, modern, upmarket facility with ample parking, 24/7 security and boom gates. It is near shopping malls and restaurants. They are within 2 km of the Centurion Gautrain station.

Our Centurion Academy hosts courses and workshops all year round (according to the course schedule). There are full-time classes from Mondays to Fridays and part-time classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Classes run from 9 am to 1 pm. Spaces are limited to 10, and booking is essential.

Welcome to Balancingtouch

Balancingtouch is the leading accredited Massage Therapy Course provider.

We offer the highest quality learning experience in Holistic Therapy courses.

Courses are presented with industry-required Hands-On training by Award-Winning leaders in the industry you can trust.

Being part of Balancingtouch rewards you with the rich experience of high performance, confidence in skillful application and approach,

and learning that brings excitement, self-confidence, and peace of mind. Together, you will achieve your goals and dreams.

 Academy Branches

Quality Courses

​Choosing top quality makes all the difference. Balancingtouch uses international unit standards to ensure you get the best. Your accredited lecturers are experts in therapy with years of experience to show you the right way from the start. 

Professional Spa Training for Excellence

Through Balancingtouch, you will be:

  • Receiving expert physical guidance in techniques that are unattainable online
  • Experiencing and learning in the physical environment of world-class massage therapy
  • Learning from and meeting your skilled lecturers who prove their success and credibility in person
  • Achieving full competency in massage by having required hands-on learning for a hands-on skill
  • Knowing with certainty that you are doing massage correctly without a shadow of a doubt

With Balancingtouch, you are guaranteed:

  • Personal 1on1 skill development to quickly overcome limitations and obstacles with ease
  • Real-life experience working with others in becoming a wellness professional
  • Fun and exciting interaction with others in a safe and structured learning environment
  • Hands-on training from experts that help, motivate, encourage, and uplift you as an individual

As a Balancingtouch student, you also:

  • Gain exclusive videos with guided sequences from your classes to keep you on track
  • Receive powerful and bespoke post-course guidance and advice as a professional
  • Access complimentary refresher courses within the same calendar year. For refresher courses more than 12 months after the original course date, a 50% re-registration fee applies.
  • Become a therapist that clients can trust and that you can be proud of

Call or WhatsApp Us: 074 974 3532 

Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 13:00

Massage Courses in Gauteng & Western Cape

All courses at Balancingtouch hold International Accreditation and deliver the best Hands-On Training needed to practice professionally.

Special Packages

We are creating top professionals with relevant skills that fulfil all clients' needs. We focus on equipping you with the abilities and skills you need to succeed. We are committed to giving you the best. 

Our Special Course Packages are perfect for individuals who want to pursue a specialised path within the massage industry. 

  • Sports Focused Course Package
    Focused on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and maintenance of athletes' muscles.

  • Holistic Healing Course Package
    Effective techniques that promote overall holistic well-being.

  • Restore and Relax Course Package
    ​Massage techniques that promote relaxation and restoration - perfect for spa therapists.

  • Student Starter Course Package
    Five of the most highly sought-after massage modalities.

  • Body Balance Course Package
    A more in-depth understanding of holistic practices and treatments will make you stand out as a practitioner.

  • Massage Specialist Course Package
    Focused on being a well-rounded massage practitioner, able to provide a versatile treatment plan for any client.

Balancingtouch offers classes and courses for Higher Education initiatives.

Recently this year, the University of the Western Cape had Balancingtouch at their campus to present classes to university students and post-graduates for further skills development to afford them greater success and opportunities and refine their niche.

The classes were presented to University students and post-graduates in Biokinetics, Sports Sciences, Human Movement Sciences, Coaching, Dietetics and Physiotherapy.

Within a month, these brilliant students and professionals successfully furthered themselves and started new enterprises by implementing what they learned through Balancingtouch training.

Our Accreditation

What is our accreditation? What makes our courses internationally recognised?

Higher Education Post-Grad Skills Development

Benefits of a Balancingtouch Education

Balancingtouch has been managing, developing and setting up spas for decades.

With our extensive know-how and commitment to excellence, we train staff in lodges and game reserves of the highest calibre.

         Our training:

  • has improved star ratings, guest experience, returns and reviews
  • has equipped therapists to match the quality of the lodges
  • helped managers & staff reach international standards that guests expect and want
  • corrected procedures & bad practices taught by inexperienced staff & trainers


         Our Spa training is:

  • Done at the lodge at times to suit operational needs to ensure perfect performance
  • Personalised to your lodge's feel and ethos for an excellent guest experience
  • Assist with treatment menus & bookings and make managing staff easy

Our Training

​Becoming a highly qualified practitioner brings the best experiences to your life. Your accredited lecturers are dedicated to personally guiding you to your success from beginner to specialist with passion and their dynamic approach to learning.

Our Mission & Vision 

What is our mission & vision?

What do we do that sets the standard and drives success?

The Somerset West Academy (Western Cape)

Balancingtouch Western Cape is situated in Somerset West in the beautiful Morningside suburban areas. The Academy is open plan with stunning views of the surroundings. It's less than 5 minutes from the N2 and Stellenbosch.

Our students from Blouberg, Sea Point, Durbanville and Constancia areas say that the trip is relatively quick and easier than expected and is definitely worth the trip.

Our Somerset West Academy hosts exclusive courses and workshops quarterly (4 times per year, according to the Western Cape schedules) from Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 12 pm and a second class from 1 pm to 4 pm. Spaces are limited to 8, and booking is essential.

​​​074 974 3532 | info@balancingtouch.co.za | Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 13:00

Special Course Packages

Massage Courses in Gauteng and Western Cape